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Trends and digital signage at InfoComm 2024

InfoComm 2024 will present a digital signage program, featuring training courses, the D=SIGN conference, workshops, networking events...


Bluesound Professional ceiling speakers

Bluesound Professional announces its ceiling speakers convertible to "pendant", expanding the brand's catalog.


Hikvision: powerful features in a compact design

Hikvision launches a campaign with an all-in-one solution for their HikCentral product.


Single, quick, and reliable access

The 2N® Access Unit QR enhances convenience for visitors and administrators of IP door access control solutions.

Case Studies

Digital future in the writing of El Nacional.cat

El Nacional.cat, founded in Barcelona in 2016, is a native digital media outlet covering current affairs in politics, economy, social issues, culture...


Sustainable innovation in visual technology

Technological innovation is driving the development of sustainable solutions in all aspects of modern life.


The best selection of trade shows, manufacturers and importers for the integration of audiovisual systems and the automation of 4.0 spaces..

CrimsonAV announce a distribution partnership with Desay Optoelectronic LED for North America.

CrimsonAV is adding LED distribution to better serve the integrator community. They intend to provide a one-stop source beyond display mounts, weather-proof displays, kiosks, and custom design/build projects.


William Bear the Crimson AV VP of Sales states that:


We recognize the expanding market and demand for LED displays. We also understand that the missing link in purchasing LED has been trust in the quality of the finished product as well as an absence of personalized service and support for the integration community in the process of buying, installation, and service after the sale. By partnering with Desay Optoelectronic LED, we will provide a brand you can trust that dates back to the turn of the century with a broad product line and unsurpassed quality in the LED display industry.


When asked about why CrimsonAV, Bear responds, “Couple Desay Optoelectronic LED quality with CrimsonAV attention to personalized service, and you have a combination of value that bridges their product and price with our service and support. That is hard to beat.”

Douglas Wang, CEO of Desay Optoelectronic LED adds that:


We believe the combined strengths of Desay’s strong R&D and cutting-edge manufacturing capability and CrimsonAV’s North America based engineering and customer support will provide world class client engagement and deliver unparalleled visual experiences. We look forward to expanding our reach with innovative LED displays and creating lasting value for customers by partnering with CrimsonAV.


Desay Optoelectronic displays have been chosen by multi-national corporations that include BMW, Coca-Cola, Chanel, Ferrari, Honda, McDonald's, Nissan, Reuters, and Toyota as well as the New York Subway and the Hong Kong International Airport. Desay has been represented at many high-profile events including the Academy Awards Oscar Ceremony, Olympics, F1 Grand Prix, the NBA, and Super Bowl.


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