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Prestige Greek venue Nakal installs Outline sound system.

Located in Porto Rafti (near Athens) Nakal is one of the city's most attractive beach bar restaurants, a luxury hub, described in its logo as “A state of mind”, which ensures guests a holistic beach experience day and night.

The seaside paradise’s restaurant offers a fusion and multi-cuisine dining experience with the signature of executive chef Dimitri Skarmoutso, the bar an endless list of classic and signature cocktails prepared by bartender/mixologist Aris Chatziantoniou and sounds are selected and spun by Maria Papidaki and VKD Djs.

The idyllic venue, which resembles dreamy exotic places such as Bali, while also being in harmony with its surrounding Greek landscape, recently had a leading edge Outline sound system installed by the Italian manufacturer’s Greek distributor, Mega Event.

Outline Nakal Greece 1

London-based sound designer and engineer John Karampelas made the first contact with Mega Event’s headquarters in Pallini (Athens) around December, requesting a preliminary proposal for a high quality audio solution for Nakal. The company’s team for the project comprised consultant Konstantinos Vaidanis, installation supervisor Panagiotis Galiadis and Bill Michailidis, responsible for system tuning.

Michailidis explains, “The construction was built from the ground up. We received the first drawings around January and immediately replied with our first estimate considering the acoustic data of Outline OpenArray 3D software and the limitation of the construction design. Constantly updating our design as the project proceeded, around February we had two basic scenarios, both with Outline’s Vegas series of loudspeakers, and finally chose Vegas CX series as the best solution in terms of coverage and size.”

Karampelas continues, “It was a very challenging project and I had three main concerns; firstly, how to ensure a smooth response with the reflective indoor surfaces, secondly how to achieve balanced coverage and, finally, to have separate control of all the different spaces, especially of the outdoor loudspeakers, because of noise restrictions. With the help of the Mega Event team and the variety of Outline solutions, we opted for a strategy of multiple sources with different sized speakers.”

Outline Nakal Greece 2

In fact, the audio set-up is a combination of Outline Vegas 15 CX and 12 CX, with IP55 rating for outdoors, Vegas 15 CX, Vegas 8 CX and Vegas 6.5 for all the indoor zones and, for the bottom end, three Eidos 215 S sub-bass units ensure the best solution in terms of size and quality.

The team’s main goal was to have a controlled SPL environment in the various zones, so Outline GTA Otto and Quattro amplifiers ensured all the necessary tools for processing, zones, remote control and recall of the different programmed scenarios.



The main challenge faced by the Mega Event team was time



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there were multiple considerations and, without detailed planning, the project would have been at risk as far as the delivery deadline was concerned, but they kept in constant contact with the Outline team and Karampelas with daily Zoom meetings.

Regarding the choice of Outline for the prestige venue, Michailidis has no doubts, “Outline point-source technology stands out from the competition, as its products combine state of the art quality with cutting edge technology. The cabinets’ design, the sturdiness of the parts and user-friendly system set up with the top-grade DSP GTA amplifiers speak for themselves. In short - quality, robustness and simplicity!”