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iSpace Environments is now using Carousel Digital Signage software to promote its services.

A longtime Carousel Digital Signage reseller, iSpace provides furnishing and technology design and integration services to clients in the corporate, higher education, healthcare, and automobile retail sectors. As organizations re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic, iSpace is helping clients reconfigure their workspaces to comply with the new health and safety regulations. Their interior transformation adheres to these compliance standards and demonstrates how furniture and technology can create safe, comfortable work environments.



iSpace is now using Carousel Cloud software to communicate health and safety guidelines, welcome messaging, visitor information, and examples of how clients can apply digital signage to their own environments



All visual messaging is distributed to flat panel televisions and video walls throughout the building, leveraging Carousel Cloudʼs interoperability with Apple TV devices to simplify and centralize media playout. iSpaceʼs AV experts demonstrate the softwareʼs capabilities during tours, including multi-display support, Apple TV interoperability, and ease of use including simplified content creation and management.



“Showing the technology creates awareness of what AV technology offers for workplace design,” said Nate Pesch, Technology Sales Manager at iSpace Environments. “Our customers arenʼt always aware of our technology-related products and services, and Carousel Cloud helps us communicate our competitive advantage”


Those conversations then lead to Carousel Cloudʼs benefit in workspace communications. Carousel Cloud gives users the flexibility of being able to update content at any time and from anywhere – a benefit that Pesch says is increasingly critical during as business operations continue to change.

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He also points to the cost-reducing benefits of Carousel Cloud, which eliminates the traditional expense of a standalone server infrastructure. Instead, Carousel Cloud software is deployed on the organizationʼs existing IT infrastructure and can use common Apple TV devices or industry-leading BrightSign media players (including the platform) on the playout side.

“Carousel software is easy to learn, so an organization lacking in-house design resources can use built-in templates to create content,” said Pesch. “Thatʼs important these days as many content managers are working from home. With Carousel Cloud, content managers can make changes remotely. We can also show how easy it is to use these templates across different aspect ratios, as we display the content on portrait screens, landscape screens, and video walls in our showroom and meeting spaces. Itʼs very powerful.”

iSpace Environments, which has remained open through the pandemic as an essential business, is seeing an increase in traffic as organizations consider how life in the workplace will change. With organizations across the globe updating facilities in accordance with new regulations, many customers are aiming to create environments that communicate how safety is their top priority.

“Weʼre helping people get back to business any way we can, whether itʼs with screen dividers on desks, furniture reconfigurations, or digital signage to communicate the proper safety measures,” said Pesch. “Businesses and schools need to show that theyʼre thinking about safety, and digital signage is one way to communicate that theyʼre doing something about it. One organizationʼs safety protocol may be different from another, but everybody wants to feel safe.”

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