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TOA has continued to strengthen its role as an innovative company and redefined the standards of tech improvement.

After 80 years of experience in research, development and international sales and marketing of numerous products in the field of public address systems, TOA has developed six business fields regarding to Voice Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems, ProSound, Distribution, Wireless Systems as well as Conference Systems to create acoustic sound fields for millions of people to make their lives safer and more pleasant.

Several examples of this commitment can be found in their many and varied projects throughout the African continent.


Al Masjed Al Jami Mosque, Cairo, Egypt

In the northeast of Cairo, in the city of El Shorouk, TOA’s partners from MSCC have been tasked with a challenge: the planning and installation of an announcement system with the best possible speech intelligibility at the biggest singular dome in Egypt, the dome of the Al Masjed Al Jami’ Mosque.



Given the fact that this dome has a diameter of 32 meters, the inside of the mosque contains of large spaces with mostly hard surfaces, these parameters alone add up to more than one challenge for a public address system



While speech intelligibility was first priority, the customer also wanted to reduce the number of installed speakers to a minimum. MSCC thus worked with TOA’s technical department to plan the installation thoroughly and run simulations to find the perfect solution.

This was achieved with TOA’s SR-S4 Slimline Array Speakers and SR-H2 as a backing speakers. line array speakers. To assemble the PA system, the digital mixer M-9000M2 was set up with the power amplifier DA-250 and complemented with an assortment of different microphones to be prepared for every kind of speech, recitation or lecture.

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Durban High School, South Africa

Durban High School is one of the oldest schools in Durban and was founded around 1866. Today, the school houses more than 1200 scholars in 70 classrooms. The school already installed an IP network and wanted to implement an IP Intercom System for internal communication. Also required was an upgrade of the school hall audio system, utilizing ProSound technology.

Samcom Business Solutions recommended the TOA N-8000 IP Intercom System, as this solution provided not only compatibility with the main IP network but is also easy to program and use. For the school hall, TOA HX-5 variable line arrays were selected as they conformed with the dB and speech intelligibility requirements together with music quality.

In order to install the new intercom system onto the existing IP network, Samcom Business Solutions knew they could depend on the reliable support of TOA and was confident in offering the TOA solution.

TOA Electronics Africa Case Studies 2


Garden Inn Hilton Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana

The Garden Inn Hotel is the first Hilton hotel to open in Botswana. The 147-room Garden Inn is located in Gaborone’s Central Business District, being close to the National Conference Centre, the National Stadium, and the University of Botswana. A free shuttle service to-and-from Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is provided. The hotel also offers an outdoor pool, bar, and full-service restaurant.

Vidac Botswana designed and installed a TOA Audio Solution to provide background music to the public areas of the hotel via Hiltons’ online streaming service.



TOA’s solution met all the requirements of the international hotel group and was also considered to be durable, reliable and flexible



TOA Electronics Africa Case Studies 3


Kazungula One Stop Border Post, Botswana

At Kazungula Bridge, a bridge that was built by the governments of Zambia and Botswana above the Zambezi River, the government of Botswana also constructed a “One Stop Border Post (OSBP)” which enables travelers and goods to stop only once when crossing the border between the two countries, as part of border formalities. The complex, consisting of 14 buildings, utilize a centralized Integrated Public Address and Voice Evacuation System for broadcasting PA announcements as well as automatic pre-recorded Voice Evacuation emergency messages.

TOA’s partner Vidac Botswana opted for the installation of a VX-3000 Voice Alarm System, due to the flexibility and scalability of the system which worked perfectly for the local set-up. Each building was designated with its own paging zone which is selected via the microphone station, so that announcements can be made to, and heard from the speakers in selected zones only, or as a group when required. The evacuation messages can also be broadcasted to specific speaker zones, as and when required.

The VX-3000 system proved to be an excellent solution for a centralized system with long distances between remote buildings. TOA’s product features fit the requirements perfectly, and they are also known to be reliable and of high quality. Furthermore, TOA offers strong local support, before (design phase), during installation and also after-sales and technical support, even assisting in training the users of its systems.

TOA Electronics Africa Case Studies 4


Johannesburg City Theatres, South Africa

Johannesburg City Theatres decided to upgrade their Voice Alarm and Audio Systems at three different locations.



The theatres, boardrooms, and public and event spaces were equipped with new Integrated Voice Alarm, Intercom and Paging Systems as well as IP Intercom Systems



In each of the theatres, Bespoke Entertainment Solutions decided to install an all-in-one solution using TOA’s VX-3000 Integrated Voice Alarm System (Evacuation, Public Address and Background Music) with certified speakers and TOA’s N-8000 IP Intercom Systems because the systems had to meet the local fire safety regulations, and also needed to be decentralized to connect multiple areas while reducing the space required for large racks, cabling and the number of installed devices.

Ultimately the system was meant to provide efficient and intelligible paging solutions for communication during theatre productions that were effective and easy-to-use.

By utilizing the cost-effective TOA solution, the requirements were easily satisfied, and coupled with the excellent before-and after sales support from TOA, the customer is very happy with the solutions provided.