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DSMP hosts a unique installation for 3537, designed by artists Gerrard and Richie Hawtin.

The digital artwork, by John Gerrard, accompanied by a bespoke Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman composition, can be experienced at 3537, a new physical and digital site for experimental artistic projects hosted by Dover Street Market/Comme des Garcons. Here Rei Kawakubo and her husband Adrian Joffe are birthing yet another creative company, where fashion can engage with communities and foster culture in addition to commerce.

ROE Visual infin1 1Internationally acclaimed visual artists John Gerrard and Richie Hawtin, pioneers in their respective fields, have come together for a unique collaboration, creating an immersive art experience that combines advanced digital simulation, original techno composition, and artificial intelligence. Imagine watching an artwork that changes gradually over an entire year, with a musical accompaniment that also morphs continually. The resulting work becomes a minutely conceived and specified 'techno room' where audiences are immersed in a unified musical and visual artwork.

The installation, a large, high-definition LED ROE Visual screen facing off with a stack of speakers, has a one-month residency. The screen depicts an iridescent python eating its tail and moving slowly in a figure-eight, the shape of infinity. Gerrard programmed a virtual camera to pan over the snake at the sun's speed, with the light, perspective, and speed changing with the seasons.

Embedded in many of Gerrard's works are warnings about climate change. His "solar serpent" at 3537, moving under the sun in the shape of an ancient symbol of birth and renewal, suggests that people ignore rhythms of balance at their peril. The Paris residency coincides with COP26, the United Nations climate change conference.

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