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University of California Merced can now create and contribute dynamic, targeted content.

This can be achieved thanks to the Carousel Cloud network on UC Merced's "2020 Project," which comprises 13 buildings constructed from 2016-2020, according to a company press release.


"We've had false starts and other problems with digital signage over the years," Jodon Bellofatto, Technology Enhanced Spaces, lead analyst, UC Merced, said in the release. "There was one system that survived in the library building, and another was decommissioned as it was considered too clunky and difficult to navigate. People simply abandoned it"


Bellofatto and his colleagues had many goals in mind when it came to selecting digital signage software for the 2020 Project. Product support was top of mind; along with not being user-friendly, the previous system was decommissioned due to lack of vendor support. Interoperability was important, particularly Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) support for emergency alerts, and native compatibility with BrightSign media players. There was also a desire to bring digital signage into classrooms and conference rooms, with wireless presentation systems automatically switching to digital signage content following a presentation or lecture. 

Above all, the team wanted a solution that would allow multiple departments to easily create compelling content that would engage audiences, and keep content fresh and dynamic. Upon evaluation of several solutions, Carousel Digital Signage offered the best solution to meet these and other goals, including scalability to existing buildings, according to the release.

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"We have 49 digital signage screens active in the 2020 Project, and have since enabled six more in some older buildings as we make upgrades and renovations," Bellofatto said in the release. "No matter where the screens are, we want software that will help us create captivating content."

"I can establish user permissions in a way that anyone who understands the workflow and wants to upload content to the network can do so," he said in the release. "There are branded zones based for each department, largely by building, and these zones are broken down into specific channels. There is creative freedom to build landscape, portrait, and what we call 'event' content. Carousel Cloud renders content very fast, so any changes to bulletins and graphics will appear automatically with the right permissions." 

He also said Carousel integrates with Mersive Solstice collaboration systems and Zoom Rooms, which they use in many of their meeting spaces and classrooms. Finally, he expects to enable Carousel Cloud's CAP support functionality in the future in partnership with the Campus Safety department

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