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Siraj Lighting supplies lighting solutions to meet the expectations of local and international clients.

The company designs, specifies, delivers and installs optimal lighting solutions, delivering on client’s goals and needs. Siraj works with hundreds of key partners and lighting manufacturers from all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and USA.

Siraj covers full range of lighting from indoor to outdoor, street lighting, underwater, lighting controls and custom made. Those are supplied in hotels, resorts, residential buildings, offices, banks, schools, universities, shopping malls, entertainment and commercial centers, airports, embassies, cruises, hospitals, factories, as well as governmental projects and museums.

Renovation of Tahrir square was a real challenge to Siraj team in such a huge national project, but if you have a look on the square now, you’ll realize that they nailed it beyond perfect! Siraj scope of work included Architectural lighting design, supply and installation of the façade’ and landscape lighting for all Tahrir square and surrounding buildings, starting from the monumental building “The Egyptian Museum”, going through the Evangelical School and the surrounded residential buildings, ending the route with main unique buildings like El-Tahrir Complex, Arab league, Omar Makram Mosque, American University and The Old Affairs Ministry.

Since then, they have been setting and leading the Egyptian market in the lighting industry.Siraj Lighting 2 HISiraj provides optimum lighting services from design to after sales:

  • Design studio, using integrated lighting solutions to turn conceptual ideas into unique designs.
  • Technical support and specifications team are always on to support the clients’ technical needs and assist them with special care.
  • Installation, they guarantee the clients proper fixation method and the least time through our in-house installation team.
  • After sales services, through offering warranty ranging from 1-5 years subject to the warranty period established by the manufacturer.


Siraj is always keen to host lighting workshops and seminars, to connect the Egyptian contractors, consultants and developers with the international lighting.

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It has launched the First Lighting Conference in Cairo (ILCC) in 2019. The initiative came as a purpose to emphasize the role of smart lighting solutions, and its impact on project’s construction, and the importance of providing the Egyptian market with high-quality and efficient lighting solutions.


Siraj Lighting 3 HISiraj aims to bridge the gap between practical and academic studies by sponsoring training programs to acquire a proactive role in developing technical sessions in lighting expertise.

This is to provide the highest level of education to the youngest generation, supplying the market with a high-quality & professional knowledge and skills in accordance with the National Egyptian goals and priorities. In addition to, contributing in socially responsible activities to better serve the community and society, resulting in a range of benefits; social, economic and educational.

Siraj never stops innovating, as in 2020 they expanded and founded Flare the result of 24 years of experience in the lighting industry. Siraj Lighting 4 HIFlare is the latest factory in Egypt and the Middle East following the up-to-date industrial technology and know-how. It specializes in designing and manufacturing the lighting solutions that can be adapted to all project types and producing high quality luminaries for almost all areas of architecture, following international standards.

Continuing the endless innovations of Siraj, they launched the first lighting laboratory of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East Lightship.


Lightship is a highly quialified lighting laboratory that provide a wide range of lighting latest test in ONE place.The tests include environmental, electrical, photometric, colorimetric, coating testing and on-site tests. 

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