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Partnering with Dimensional Innovations (DI), Daktronics has manufactured and installed a LED video wall in Cook Children’s Hospital’s.

Opening in December 2022, the video wall will add an immersive digital element that will light up the facility while engaging patients and their families.


The primary function of the display is to provide an awe-inspiring wow factor while delivering a calming natural scene reflective of the Texas landscape and to slowly change scenery throughout the day. It will also be used for special events to show presentations, movies, and other information and messaging as needed.


Providing positive distractions and soothing elements for children and their families, this stunning display from Daktronics will serve as a focal point for the newly-opened Cook Children’s Hospital in Prosper, Texas. Offering an immersive escape before an appointment can make an uncertain situation much more manageable for pediatric patients, families and hospital staff,  said Alex Divine, Healthcare Account Director, Dimensional Innovations. 


The LED video wall measures approximately 13.5 feet high by 24 feet wide and features a tight 1.9-millimeter pixel spacing to deliver full 4K, high-resolution imagery with excellent clarity and contrast.

The versatility of this display allows for three additional source inputs to allow for any other combination of dynamic video content, facility announcements and branding, and other messages to be scheduled or adjusted at a moment’s notice.


We’re grateful to be a part of bringing joy to this important space. Working with Dimensional Innovations has been a great experience and we value our strong partnership with their team of professionals as we work together to bring desirable and memorable experiences to audiences using digital technology, said Steve Bayer, Daktronics special projects director. 


Daktronics offers a line of narrow pixel pitch LED displays ranging from 2.5 millimeters down to 0.7-millimeter pixel spacings.


This product line brings expansive opportunities to those spaces commonly associated with LCD technology to create luxurious and immersive environments, share artistic digital content or show detailed, high-quality video.

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