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Complete AV & VC solution deployed at Windhoek headquarters. 

Namibian fund administrators, RFS Fund Administrators (RFS), recently upgraded its Windhoek headquarters with the expansion of its boardroom. The doubling in size of the space called for a brand-new audio-visual and voice conferencing system.


Stage Audio Works (SAW) Namibia was contacted by RFS directly to assist with the installation of the new boardroom.


RFS StageAudio 2 HI


The client knew exactly what they wanted and gave a clear and precise brief of their expectations. They had enlarged the existing boardroom to double its size and required an upgraded system to handle conference calls and meetings in the new space, explains Emcé Smit, Technical Manager at SAW Namibia.


Measuring 84 square meters and containing 20 seats, through close collaboration with RFS Accounting Manager Nicolo Benade and Associate Director Support Services Manager, Louis Theron, SAW Namibia specified a dual-screen room VC solution with basic automation capabilities.

"The previous boardroom was too small and the visuals, provided by projectors, were not clear”, recalls Smit. “The new system needed to be easier to use and include the most up-to-date technology”. In the upgraded boardroom, two Samsung 85" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TVs provide crystal-clear visuals.

RFS StageAudio 3 HI   RFS StageAudio 5 HI

The conference system includes a Logitech TAP MS Teams Base Bundle, an Aver VC520 Pro2 conferencing camera, and a Sennheiser Team Connect Ceiling Mic II. The audio setup also includes an Audac Public Address Amplifier with Audac CIRA 824 QuickFit 2-way 8-inch ceiling speakers. An occupancy sensor and relays for lights provide automated control, while the Crestron 6x2 4K HDMI switcher enables seamless device integration. With these technologies, the boardroom is fully equipped to host efficient and engaging meetings.

The project was not without challenges, including delays caused by a global shortage of specific products. Despite this, the SAW team were able to work around the shortages and recommend alternatives where necessary. “When Stage Audio Works provided a different solution with the Logitech option, all went well”, recalls Nicolo Benade, Accounting Manager at RFS. “In the end, the installation was quick and professional”.


The chosen solution ensures ease of use for the employees of RFS, alongside clarity of sound both ways, through the Sennheiser TCC2 ceiling mic with its patented automatic dynamic beamforming microphones & Audac loudspeakers. Furthermore, the dual screens enhance visibility and ensure improved inclusion for RFS Teams meetings, confirms Udo Stehle, Sales Consultant at SAW Namibia.


RFS StageAudio 4 HI   RFS StageAudio 6 HI

The team at RFS is pleased with the technology deployed in the new boardroom. “My favourite part of the new installation is the ability to join online meetings in only a few taps”, explains Benade. “It makes a big difference and meetings are now seamless. The sound quality is great and clients coming in to join the meetings in the boardroom are really impressed with the technology”.

“Since the client is a financial service provider, this solution empowers their business communications”, reflects Stehle. “In this way, we were able to assist RFS in improving their own service delivery, which is a positive outcome”.

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