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The world's largest ham chain trusts the award-winning digital signage software for its new vending machine model.

Spanish technology company is pleased to announce that Enrique Tomás, the world's largest ham chain, has implemented its digital signage platform in its new Enrique Tomás GO!urmet vending store model, which has just been launched at Barcelona Airport.

The first phase includes a total of 30 stores, strategically located throughout the Barcelona airport, offering a wide variety of the brand's products 24 hours a day, automatically, with the same quality and price as found in the company's other retail locations.

Here, consumers can find everything from different varieties of Iberian and acorn-fed ham sandwiches to ham slices, as well as potato chips, snacks, and natural orange juices. They can also find the "Tomasón," the brand's new flagship product, a soft bread with shavings of the finest ham, which they hope to introduce to millions of consumers worldwide through vending machines.

Each vending store is equipped with one to five 50" LCD screens from the iiyama brand, which, thanks to custom-made mounts, can be attached to the vending machines, ensuring seamless digital communication of all available products and aiding in promotion, customer engagement, and increased sales.

These display groups function as an All-In-One solution with the integrated player, helping to reduce hardware costs through this platform functionality and eliminating the need for external players.ENRIQUE TOMAS 1 HIIn this regard, Enrique Tomás embraced the Green Signage approach to have a sustainable solution with minimal electricity consumption:


We wanted lightweight software that could work with an internal player within the screen to minimize electronic components at the physical point, explains Jorge Cruz, CIO of Enrique Tomás.


This is how the award-winning software, ideal for non-technical users, allows Enrique Tomás to manage their product campaigns and display corporate imagery on their vending machine screens, inviting customers to experience their ham products. "This model requires an easy and engaging way to explain Enrique Tomás' quality while ensuring that customers understand that purchasing our products from vending machines guarantees freshness", Cruz details.

He adds, "Thanks to, we can synchronize multiple screens independently of their size and location. We also appreciate the platform's ability to schedule different broadcast slots and plans at different times with campaign validity dates, as well as the use of various content formats. The tool is proving to be very intuitive and allows for easy organization of all devices by location and categorization of content that can be reused in different broadcast groups and sequences".

Enrique Tomás' marketing department remotely manages the content to be displayed on the screens, while the company's IT team handles equipment monitoring from their headquarters in Badalona, Barcelona.


In the future, Enrique Tomás aims to expand this unattended vending model to new high-traffic locations with high consumption needs, such as metro stations, transport hubs, soccer stadiums, or large corporations.


We are very pleased that our platform has been chosen by Enrique Tomás for this disruptive new business model. Digital signage will allow them to create a wow-effect communication to attract customers and increase sales through dynamic and appealing visual content, concludes Toni Viñals, CEO of 


Furthermore, Enrique Tomás' marketing team highlights "the ease of working with a local partner like, which has helped us deploy and adopt all the capabilities of the system".