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A total of 69 BRAVIA 4K professional screens from Sony have been installed at the Drevny Kocur restaurant in Poland.

Residents of Poznań, Wrocław, and Cracow can enjoy Czech specialties at Drevny Kocur, a modern Czech restaurant that offers a unique atmosphere and great excitement during sports broadcasts, ensuring that all diners have a screen in view.

A total of 69 BRAVIA 4K professional screens from Sony have been installed in the chain's restaurants in Poland. Audio Art from Wrocław is responsible for the design and implementation in all locations and was chosen for its nearly 25 years of experience in designing and supplying audiovisual systems, with over 5000 completed projects in dozens of European countries.

In the restaurants, high quality is paramount: in food, drinks, and projected images. Without these three elements, Drevny Kocur would not have been so successful. During major sports events, it meets the expectations of all fans, and on a daily basis, it's a place to enjoy good food and have a great time.Sony Drevny Kocur 2 HIBelow is the complete list of what was installed and where:

In Cracow:

  • 11 screens of 85 inches
  • 1 large-format circular LED screen


In Wroclaw Rynek:

  • 3 screens of 85 inches
  • 5 screens of 75 inches
  • 5 screens of 65 inches
  • 14 screens of 55 inches

For 'OVO' Wroclaw, 4 BRAVIA 4K professional screens of 85 inches and one large LED screen were installed.

In Poznan:

  • 2 screens of 85 inches
  • 25 screens in a restaurant on ul. Old Market 77
  • 8 screens of 75 inches
  • 5 displays of 65 inches
  • 12 displays of 55 inches


The restaurants serve large portions of delicious food and offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages with amber drinks, along with the added excitement of sports. The monitors display sports events, including football matches and Formula 1 replays.

The rooms are divided into zones with refined audio systems. For example, one room can show races while another displays a football match; customers have the convenience of listening to commentary corresponding to their chosen area. This is one of the reasons why Drevny Kocur is so popular.

An important part of the restaurant's business is reservations related to sports and special events. Companies hosting meetings in the restaurants can use the monitors to display their specially prepared content.


Sony Drevny Kocur 3 HI   Sony Drevny Kocur 5 HI



Why BRAVIA 4K Professional Screens

Undoubtedly, the quality of the projected image is key, regardless of the time of day or night. The image quality provided by Sony's BRAVIA 4K professional monitors is unmatched.

The "X1" Ultimate processor analyzes image data to ensure the best color, contrast, and clarity. Full Array LED backlighting with local dimming highlights the subtlest details in dark areas and creates an extremely sharp and contrasted image, clearly visible from any point in the room. Smoothness and clarity of on-screen motion are guaranteed by X-Motion Clarity™ technology, which enhances brightness to capture all the details.

Users can enjoy the convenient 3-year Advanced Exchange warranty, which can be extended by an additional two years. Warranty terms along with the after-sales service provided by Audio Art were crucial in the decision to acquire monitors for the restaurant chain.


Sony Drevny Kocur 6 HI   Sony Drevny Kocur 4 HI



The Drevny Kocur restaurant chain continues to grow, and the owners are considering more locations based on the proven business model. The screens operating under these conditions must be reliable and guarantee maximum image quality.


"Our collaboration with Sony Professional is very successful. It's a premium brand with a clear pricing policy and very good warranty conditions. Fair standards, punctuality, and product availability ensure a good long-term relationship," adds Artur Różaniecki, founder of Audio Art.


Each of our projects starts with a detailed analysis of the customer's needs. Obviously, the monitors in the restaurants had to offer excellent image quality. We knew they would be in operation most of the day, seven days a week. Ensuring comfortable viewing of sporting events, mainly football and Formula 1, was necessary," says Artur Różaniecki.

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