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On March 10th, the 80th store of Bolia was inaugurated in Barcelona, marking the brand's first opening in Spain.

In this new store located in the heart of Barcelona, on the well-known Avenida Diagonal, you can also experience the 360º Spottune experience.

Since 2000, Bolia has been experiencing exponential growth. The Danish design brand is constantly opening new stores. The success probably lies in the fact that these stores are authentic relaxation oases. The aesthetics of their Danish decoration collections, along with the relaxed atmosphere achieved through musical playback, create a unique environment where the importance of audio for a better experience for end customers can be recognized. SeeSound Bolia 2 HI Bolia understands that music is a very important part of people's emotional states, so the brand, sensitive to this issue, has surrounded itself with composers and DJs to create music content exclusively for the brand, which they even share on their own website. 


When choosing the audio playback system, in addition to the quality being on par with the quality of the products they offer, the award-winning minimalist design of the Spottune Omni Track speaker was also an important feature to opt for this system.



SeeSound Bolia 4 HI   SeeSound Bolia 3 HI


The wireless speaker is fully integrated into the store's lighting tracks, blending in with the spotlights.

For this new store of 500 m² spread over several floors, advantage has been taken of the fact that the audio transmitter, Spottune Stream, has two separate outputs to two different zones, creating two spaces with two different musical ambiences. The following Spottune products have been used for the entire sound installation:


  • 10 x Wireless speaker Spottune Omni Track O1-T-W
  • 1 x Wireless audio transmitter Spottune Stream S1-F-B