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CUNEF University relies on EnGenius to optimize the connectivity of its 17,000 square meter campus.

The increase in the number of connected devices, the need for faster internet speeds, and the challenge of managing a high density of users and traffic on a dynamic and constantly moving campus has led CUNEF University, a private institution of higher education known for its specialization, excellence, and high degree of internationalization, to implement EnGenius Cloud solutions to optimize its high-speed wireless connection securely and thus ensure a seamless user experience at exceptional speeds on campus.

Classrooms, common areas, multidisciplinary rooms, offices, faculty rooms, and an auditorium with a capacity of up to 200 people are the spaces where EnGenius solutions have been tasked with ensuring optimal connectivity in this university, which is located in the heart of university life in Madrid and whose newly inaugurated headquarters is a complex of over 17,000 square meters capable of accommodating 6,000 students.

CUNEFF EnGenius 3 HI


To achieve this, 68 EnGenius ECW230 WiFi 6 high-density access points have been installed, allowing for wireless connections at exceptional speeds. These access points, thanks to their 4x4 technology, ensure a seamless user experience in high-density areas such as classrooms and auditoriums.


With a 2.5 GbE Ethernet port, these devices, which support up to 1000 client connections, support multi-user MU-MIMO uplink and downlink for optimal signal and reception capacity, as well as stronger, more stable, and efficient wireless connections.

In addition, a robust network infrastructure has been implemented to ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity throughout the campus through the installation of 31 EnGenius switches from the ECS2552 and ECS5512 series, equipped with Ethernet and SPF+ ports of up to 10Gbps.CUNEFF EnGenius 2 HIWhen choosing EnGenius devices, Fractalia IT Systems, the Spanish multinational technology company responsible for the deployment at CUNEF University and with a long history in the installation of infrastructures in all types of deployment scenarios, took into account the flexible user validation options offered by EnGenius equipment, as well as their WPA3 security and customizable captive portal, which includes validations by Azure, LDAP, Active Directory, and Google LDAP, as well as voucher services.


We are very proud and grateful for the trust that CUNEF University and Fractalia IT Systems have placed in our equipment. For an institution like CUNEF University, which needs to manage its wireless networks intuitively and securely without requiring servers for the installation of the network controller, the quick installation and configuration of EnGenius Cloud equipment provides them not only with reliable performance but also with predictive analysis and real-time information. Undoubtedly, this ensures an unparalleled connectivity experience for students, teachers, and researchers on campus, says Jesús Yanes, Channel Director at EnGenius.


Indeed, this is not the first time that the engineering department of Fractalia IT Systems has relied on the solutions of the Taiwanese multinational EnGenius. The robustness and stability of the equipment, as well as cloud management, make these solutions a perfect choice when it comes to securely managing a high density of users and traffic.

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