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For the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Olympic Committee, President Urmas Sõõrumaa hosted a reception for hundreds of guests.

The event was organised by Global Productions with equipment supplied by funTIME Showservice.

Guests were greeted with drinks and had the chance to mingle with each other before listening to presentations from speakers who stood on a stage that was put together using Showgear’s Mammoth Dex. Surrounding the stage, televisions mounted on Milos Pro-30 Step G trusses showed great Estonian sporting moments. To enhance the atmosphere, eight Showtec Studio Beams and twelve Showtec LED Light Bar 8s were used.

Highlite Estonia 2 HI   Highlite Estonia 3 HI


After the presentations, guests were treated to an extensive tour of Adila’s 10-hectare grounds with information directly broadcast to individuals through DAP’s Silent Disco Headphones. With a range of up to 450 metres between the Silent Disco Transmitter and the headphones, the Silent Disco system was perfect for this situation.


Thanks to Global Productions organisation and all of the equipment that was supplied by funTIME Showservice, the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Olympic Committee was an outstanding success that not only paid homage to Estonia’s sporting heroes but also looked forward to future sporting successes.