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Legends: The Home of Football is a dream place for every football enthusiast, regardless of their club or nation.

It's a place where history is in the air, a place where visitors can relive memorable moments and get carried away by the excitement.


Audac plays a key role in Legends Madrid, providing a luxurious sound experience with nearly 400 speakers distributed across 7 floors.


Hand in hand with La Liga, FIFA, UEFA, CONMEBOL, and the IOC, this unique experience has been created for football lovers and followers. Located at Carrera de San Jerónimo 2, just a few meters from Puerta del Sol, you'll find Legends, The Home of Football. In a space of 4,200 square meters spread across 7 floors, Legends showcases an impressive heritage of over 5,000 items in the form of jerseys, boots, and other original items used by the greatest figures in this sport for over 100 years. Legends also features numerous immersive spaces where you can relive historic moments and the great achievements of football history through an exceptional archive of audiovisual documents.

The Wow Experience is the provider and installer of audiovisual content for this space. With Daniel Pacheco at the helm, Wow has been responsible for various areas such as content and server management, digital signage management, and DMX and Artnet lighting management. The Wow Experience has had the support of Ingenioa3 as a specialized audiovisual engineering company, led by Ricardo Carazo and Julio Cejalvo, both with nearly 30 years of experience in the field.


Installation Requirements

It all began in November 2022 when The Wow Experience chose Ingenioa3 as their technical and engineering partner. The Wow Experience has the capability to create the concept and content, but they needed the support of an engineering company to execute and optimize the project. They also needed assistance with the audiovisual aspects of the installation. An essential requirement was that the audio be 100% networked. Another important requirement was that the installation had to have the ability to evolve. A clear example of this need is that many rooms that currently have stereo content may eventually require multichannel content. Therefore, it wasn't just essential to network all audio, but also to have the capacity to adapt to changing needs and future expansion.

After receiving the assignment, Ricardo Carazo, an engineer and partner at Ingenioa3, contacted SeeSound (Audac's distributor in Spain) in search of a high-quality solution that could be 100% distributed via Dante. Passive speakers were chosen for the entire installation, all powered by amplifiers designed to work with Dante and manageable remotely. This is how Audac emerged as the perfect choice.

  SeeSound AUDAC 18 HI


Dante Distribution and Network Adjustments

The main challenge of this installation has been providing sound throughout a 7-story building with numerous rooms, many of them multichannel, some with shared content, and others with independent content. All of this, in addition to common spaces like the entrance, halls, corridors, and staircases. In other words, it's a large-scale and somewhat heterogeneous audio installation in terms of its various uses.

To provide Dante connectivity to all amplifiers, the Audac ANI44XT card was installed. This card is designed for use with the WaveDynamics series amplifiers, offering four input and four output channels. It's a plug & play solution that configures automatically via DHCP and can connect to 100 Mbit or 1 Gbit networks. It allows bidirectional audio transmission at 48 kHz and 24 bits with a maximum latency of 5 ms. Other interesting aspects of this card are its compatibility with the TouchLink control app, ideal for end users to manage audio easily, integration with the Audac Touch Page notification system, and compatibility with AES67.


Thematic Spaces

Legends is a journey through multiple spaces dedicated to global football temples, as well as various institutions like UEFA, CONMEBOL, the IOC, the Olympic Games, or the Spanish La Liga. There are also spaces designed for visitors to realistically experience the atmosphere and fervor of historical moments, such as Spain's victory in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This means that the installation includes common areas sharing a soundtrack and dedicated spaces with exclusive content. More specifically, these are the spaces where Audac has a presence.

SeeSound AUDAC 2 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 3 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 4 HI


Floor 0

On the ground floor, you'll find the main entrance, the Origins space with an exhibition dedicated to the origins of football, and the store offering various items and souvenirs. There's also the Legends Hall, equipped with Viro 5 speakers and Noba 8 subwoofers, as well as the Milestones space with Vexo 8 and Baso 10 models.

SeeSound AUDAC 5 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 6 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 7 HI


Floor 1

On the first floor, you'll find some of the initial immersive experiences, particularly the Temples space, which allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Maracaná, Wembley, and other historic stadiums. This space features Viro 5 speakers and Baso 10 subwoofers. There are also spaces dedicated to the European Championship, the Spanish National Team, and La Liga. For example, in the La Liga space, you'll find Viro 5 speakers with Noba 8, and this combination is repeated in the Global Football space and the area dedicated to La Roja.

SeeSound AUDAC 8 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 9 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 10 HI
SeeSound AUDAC 11 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 13 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 13 HI


Floor 2 and 4D Cinema

This floor offers a variety of spaces: Grand Leagues, equipped with Viro 5 and Noba 8 speakers; Champions League, equipped with Vexo 8 and Baso 10; Copa Libertadores, equipped with Vexo 8 and Baso 10; Great Feats space, equipped with Viro 5 and Basso 10. Other spaces on this floor include Copa Intercontinental and the Olympic Games. We save a special space for last: the 4D Cinema. This is a unique place where the immersion for viewers is complete.

This room features seven units of Audac Vexo 8 speakers (three for LCR and four for surround) and four Basso 10 units as subwoofers. In addition to conventional speakers, all seats are motorized and synchronized with the video, and they all have a bass shaker, a device that vibrates the seats with low-frequency content. It also has fans and atomized scented water sprayers. Altogether, this sensory experience encompasses sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

SeeSound AUDAC 14 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 15 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 16 HI


Floor 3

On the third floor, you'll find spaces like the World Cup, equipped with Viro 5 speakers and Noba 8 subwoofers. Also, on this floor, you'll find spaces like Maracanazo, Hall of Fame, the World Cup, and Women's Football, all of which feature the same combination of speakers.

SeeSound AUDAC 17 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 18 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 19 HI



Floor 4

On this floor, you'll find spaces like Legends, equipped with Viro 5 and Noba 8; Football Art, equipped with Viro 5 and Baso 10. Other spaces include Jewels of the Crown and VIP Lounge. There are also several meeting rooms on this floor equipped with Viro 5 and Noba 8 speakers.

Audac Viro 5, a Small but "Great" Surprise

As you can see, the quantity of Viro 5 speakers in this installation is remarkable. Out of the approximately 400 Audac speakers used, 174 are the Viro 5 model. It's a small, discreet speaker that is easy to install thanks to its included stand, but it surprises with its power, quality, and extensive coverage. This Audac model has been particularly surprising to both the Legends management and the Ingenioa3 team.

It's also worth mentioning the importance of the Noba subwoofers in this installation. Despite being subwoofers, their extremely slim profile allowed for easy integration into ceilings and other spaces where other subwoofers would have been impossible to place.


  List of Audac Equipment Installed at Legends


  • VIRO 5
  • NOBA 8
  • VEXO 8
  • BASO 10
  • CALI 660
  • CELO 8S
  • SMQ 350
  • SMQ 1250
  • ANI44XT


  • 174
  • 35
  • 31
  • 19
  • 10
  • 3
  • 44
  • 13
  • 59


SeeSound AUDAC 21 HI   SeeSound AUDAC 22 HI


Project Management

As mentioned in the introduction, the audiovisual installation and content of Legends were created by The Wow Experience, led by Daniel Pacheco. The project also involved the work of Sergio Real in content server management, Daniel Rodríguez in Digital Signage management, and José Rodríguez in DMX lighting and Artnet management. The Wow Experience collaborated with Ricardo Carazo and Julio Cejalvo (Ingenioa3) as the engineering service providers. SeeSound, the exclusive Audac distributor for Spain, managed this project through its CEO Nacho Alberdi, Brand Manager for Audac, and Iván Castillo, Commercial Integration Manager for the Central Zone.


Interview with Daniel Pacheco, General Manager of The Wow Experience

DAniel Pacheco

Q: What role does The Wow Experience play in Legends, The Home of Football?

A: The Wow Experience is the company responsible for managing the audiovisual design and execution of The Home of Football project. We handle lighting design, video engineering design with over 300m2 of LED, more than 60 Full HD projectors, polarized glass with Art-net control, global audio design for the museum, and content management and playback of over 120 audio tracks via Dante.

Q: What were the most significant technical challenges?

A: The most significant technical challenges were the audiovisual synchronization of all the experiences in the museum. We managed over 20 4K outputs and more than 60 independent Full HD outputs. All video content had to be synchronized with lighting through MA Lighting controllers and audio with Audac via Dante. Thanks to the Audac system, it was possible to send each audio track from the video servers to the corresponding space or experience in each case. Another complex adjustment was the synchronization of mini-experiences in the World Cup rooms with 35 projectors, electrified glass, DMX lighting, and content with independent audio.

Q: Why did Wow Experience choose to entrust Ingenio a3 with the audiovisual design and installation?

A: We trusted Ingenio a3 to provide their expertise in this type of installation, particularly in the audio and Dante network distribution. Ingenio a3 was responsible for creating all the audiovisual plans for the project and worked jointly with The Wow Experience, focusing on sound, while we handled video, lighting, and content management.

Q: Why was Audac chosen for the sound system in this space?

A: We selected Audac for its quality, aesthetics, and the ability to enable 100% Dante audio distribution.

Q: What other aspects of this project would you like to highlight?

A: The complexity of synchronizing the experiences, the challenge of having control rooms on each floor, and the audiovisual design with height limitations.


Interview with Ricardo Carazo and Julio Cejalvo, Partners at Ingenio a3

 Q: Did Wow Experience have a preconceived solution or did you leave the concept and design to Ingenio a3?

Foto Julio RicardopngA: Wow Experience had a project draft, but with the involvement of Ingenio a3, it was optimized and given its final form. Ingenio a3 adapted the client's concept to new technologies, particularly Dante audio network distribution.

Q: What were the most significant technical challenges?

A: The main challenge was to provide sound throughout a 7-story building with numerous rooms, many of which are multichannel, some with common content, and others with independent content. An important challenge was to ensure that the building had equipment rooms that were connected to each other. This meant constructing a machinery room on each floor and carefully routing cabling to each of the spaces. Another noteworthy challenge was the 4D cinema. It's called 4D because all the seats are motorized and synchronized with the video, and they all have a bass shaker (a device that vibrates the seats with low-frequency content). The cinema also features fans and atomized scented water sprayers. In short, it offers total immersion for viewers. In general, video is crucial in this project, and the audio had to meet the same high standards.

Q: Why did you choose Audac?

A: Audac's equipment perfectly aligned with the client's needs and met all the requirements, starting with Dante network distribution. We were particularly impressed by the performance of the Viro 5 speaker. Its sound pressure level and frequency response, given its compact size, were exceptional. With the right preset and a subwoofer, the results are simply magnificent.

Q: What other aspects of this project would you like to highlight?

A: In general, we would like to emphasize that this is a highly ambitious project in terms of video, and the audio had to meet the same high standards. Another important aspect is the ability to evolve. Many rooms that currently have stereo content may be multichannel in the future. Therefore, the work of an engineering firm like ours involves not only soundproofing rooms but also looking ahead, facilitating the building's operation once the engineering work is complete, and allowing for future expansions.



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