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The police implemented audiovisual technological solutions at their Comprehensive Security and Emergency Center (CISE).

This solution has significantly improved the police's decision-making and coordination capabilities in the prevention, surveillance, and investigation of offenses and criminal activities.


The solution consists, on the one hand, of a Novastar H15 video management processor, HDMI wiring, electrical wiring, and electrical panel, which were integrated into an existing videowall in the control center of the CISE area of the police headquarters. Additionally, a 65” Clevertouch Impact Max V2 monitor with OPS, floor stand, and Poly Studio USB video conferencing system was installed in a meeting room, where large events in the city of Valencia are monitored.


Advised by Nunsys and Charmex, they replaced in September 2023 a system from 2010 that no longer met all current needs. According to the Local Police of Valencia (PLV), before starting the project, several systems were analyzed to identify the ideas and features of interest, prior to drafting the technical specifications.


The videowall and the Novastar H15 management system are used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by all CISE personnel responsible for citizen assistance through the emergency phone 092, as well as those who receive and handle 112 incidents related to Valencia. They distribute these services to police personnel available throughout the city, explains Pablo Quiñonero, Chief Inspector of the Computer Section.


The Chief Inspector points out that, although they have not encountered obstacles after installation, and the work operation has remained unchanged, new functions that were not available in the previous system have been incorporated. Therefore, to make the most of them, the technical staff is receiving training from the installer Nunsys and the specialists from Charmex (official Novastar supplier). Consequently, the implementation of the new system has generated learning opportunities for the CISE team, which is now adapting to this technology.PLV Nunsys 1 HIAn outstanding example of these new functions is the ability to send messages from the Novastar H15 by the supervisor, facilitating more agile and effective communication between teams, improving coordination in critical situations.

“So far, the main change observed is the improved resolution and dynamism when changing information sources”, highlights Pablo Quiñonero. He adds that among the advantages of working with this solution are the speed, quality, and resolution of the video sources, with integration and communication possibilities.

In addition, the Novastar H15 electronics are scalable with options for additional input and output cards, which would allow the PLV to control more IP cameras and send their images to more locations in the future.

For more efficient coordination in emergency situations and large events, “an almost automated system is also being implemented to change the data and information sources to be displayed depending on the moment and events organized in the city”, he emphasizes. This is the 65” Clevertouch Impact Max V2 monitor with OPS and Poly Studio USB video conferencing system, which helps coordinate large-scale events in the city of Valencia from an adjacent meeting room, such as the Fallas or the marathon.


Undoubtedly, we would recommend this solution, and in fact, it has been integrated with the Health Services and Firefighters. We use a second videowall, linked to the main one located in the Coordination Center, for large events and emergency situations. There, we want to quickly coordinate different bodies or fleets of priority services, notes the Chief Inspector.


Highlighting that real-time visualization of police data and cameras is really important and necessary for decision-making in such moments.