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Shure and Philips lead the renovation of the audio and video systems on the 5th floor of the UNE building.


The 5th floor of the UNE building (Spanish Association for Standardization) in Madrid has undergone a refurbishment by the company Do Video, specializing in audio and video integration solutions, to set up two advanced technology multifunctional spaces.


UNE (Spanish Association for Standardization) is the only Standardization Body in Spain designated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism to the European Commission. It is a global organization whose purpose is to develop technical standards or norms that contribute to the shared progress of society and the creation of a safer, sustainable, and competitive world.


Earpro Shure Philips 3 HI   Earpro Shure Philips 4 HI


The main need presented by this project was to enable two independent rooms (5.1 and 5.2) that, in turn, would offer the possibility of transforming into a single space for larger audiences, with a capacity of approximately 50 people; as well as the development of an open room, corresponding to the Forum Room.

With innovation at its forefront, Do Video has relied on audio and video solutions provided by two top-notch firms, Shure and Philips. In terms of audio, three Shure ceiling array microphones for conference applications have been deployed between the two rooms, and in the space that forms the connection between them, the firm's networked mute button has been installed.

In the video section, when the two spaces become a single zone, six Philips monitors have been arranged, two of them hidden in the ceiling. Parallel to those that remain hidden, two 86” 4K UHD LED-backlit screens have been set up for the presidencies, and two more at the head of the table.

Additionally, a wireless conference unit with a touch screen has been installed for the control of 20 Shure microphones, previously served, and usually used for committee meetings. For the audio processing of these rooms, an audio processor for conferences with acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control for up to 8 Dante channels has been chosen.


Earpro Shure Philips 2 HI   Earpro Shure Philips 6 HI


Finally, for the Forum Room, two Shure white ceiling array microphones for conference applications have been selected. As it is an open and large space, the development of presentations, requests, and questions is supported by two handheld microphones with Shure rack-mounted receivers, while integrating four 55” Full HD LED-backlit Philips monitors, creating a VideoWall.

Do Video has highlighted their satisfaction with the result, which has exceeded the client's expectations, especially considering it was an installation done in record time:


Thanks to EARPRO&EES for supplying us, not only providing solutions, in all our projects. Three decades already working hand in hand to achieve a common goal, the best results.


UNE's satisfaction has been such that they have already started consultations with Do Video to carry out the renovation of their 4th floor, following the success of the recently revitalized 5th floor.

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