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The Yellow Nest, a business ecosystem formed by six pioneering companies in the energy sector, serves over 80 countries.

It offers innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency through products and applications that represent a new way of understanding energy and the environment, leading the transformation of the energy sector.

Its corporate headquarters are located in Terrassa (Barcelona), in the newly inaugurated Vapor 4.0, a state-of-the-art self-sustainable building with NZEB LEED GOLD sustainability certification. It integrates all technologies for energy efficiency applicable in buildings, thus serving as a live laboratory for control and energy-saving solutions manufactured within its group of companies.


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In line with this revolutionary vision, The Yellow Nest has entrusted the supply and installation of a 360º advanced technology audiovisual system for its reception, showroom, and boardroom to the technology integration company W2 VisualPro, which has embraced the solutions proposed and provided by EARPRO&EES.


This ambitious project starts in the reception area, where, as a prelude, a high-resolution LED display Absen K1.9 series with a pixel pitch of 1.9mm has been installed. This leads to the showroom area, where various AV resources are intelligently combined for content projection, space lighting, and sound, all managed through a global control system.

The showroom has been designed as a journey where clients move through different areas where, through videos and dynamic projections (a zenithal and a video mapping), they are shown the company's history, products, philosophy, and the uniqueness of the building they are in. The zenithal projection is precisely one of the notable features of this project, leading another Absen K1.9 series zenithal LED display connected to a Panasonic AWHE40HWEJ9 camera located on the roof, with an exterior protection housing KST-OH70WM-H and an Avance series HDBaseT transmission and reception system from Atlona, reproducing the sky of Terrassa in real-time within the space.


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Three Epson EB-L1505 projectors and three interchangeable lenses from the brand, two ELPLX02 ultra-wide-angle and one ELPLU04 short-throw, along with three Philips Q-Line 43BDL3010Q/00 professional Ultra HD screens, have also been essential in the projection section of the showroom.

In the sound system field, the core of the installation is the Q-SYS ecosystem, piloted by the Core110 DSP model (with I/O-8 FLEX extender), in charge of the overall audio processing and distribution. QSC, with 13 hanging 2-way 6.5" 150º model AD-P6T-BK boxes, a surface speaker AD-S10T-B ABS 2-way 10" 90º, and two CX series power amps, CX602V and CX302V, for fixed 2U rack installation; combined with a Shure QLXD24E/SM58 L52 wireless microphone, composed of a receiver and a handheld transmitter with an SM58 capsule, complete the sound system of the showroom.

In the same space, clients can also find a selection of devices manufactured by the company, placed in totems and illuminated with spotlights, capturing their attention. For this purpose, ambient lighting has been carried out through 18 RGBW Anolis Ambiane XP56 Recessed spotlights. Spot lighting on the totems has been entrusted to the Anolis ArcSource series and 7 of its Outdoor 16MC Integral spotlights.


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In terms of the boardroom, it has been equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. On one hand, an interactive meeting screen of 86” Philips C-Line 86BDL8051C/00 and a wireless presentation system for video conferencing Panasonic PressIT, composed of a PTZ camera and a Shure MXA910B-60CM ceiling array microphone with IntelliMix P300 processor, have been installed. On the other hand, the high-performance sound system implemented is led by QSC and integrates surface AD-S6-BK ABS 2-way 6.5" 105º speakers, CX204V power amp, and 2 subwoofer speakers AD-S.SUB-BK. This has been complemented by the Atlona AT-OME-EX-RX matrix and receiver and MX FG5969-53, respectively.

Within the challenges posed by the project, Carles Masdeu, Commercial Manager of W2 VisualPro, highlighted the installation of equipment that needed to be fixed to the ceiling, from the "pendant" type speaker system to ambient lighting devices, and especially, video projectors and the LED display that permanently shows the signal from the camera installed facing the sky on the roof of the building. The shortage of spaces on the ceiling to install the equipment required the conception of various structures to overcome different obstacles and thus adjust their positions.


As a global provider that brings together a set of top-level brands to meet the needs raised in each case, coupled with the technical support offered when designing the best solutions for our clients, the result has been completely satisfactory, and the operation of the equipment has proven to be stable and reliable. Carles emphasizes the importance of being able to rely on EARPRO&EES.

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