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Hikvision has carried out the adaptation and modernization of the security systems for Grupo LaFinca.


After analyzing all the needs of different areas, the company has progressively installed cameras and complete systems that offer the best features to ensure a perfect video surveillance (CCTV) service and its maintenance.


One of the main challenges faced by Hikvision was to develop an installation plan that would ensure surveillance capacity for all areas, avoiding blind spots. This included cameras with the appropriate technology to provide the best image quality in any circumstance, with sufficient clarity, zoom capability, and visibility in low-light conditions.

At the same time, it required a management system to handle the entire system, in a simple yet effective way from the control rooms. A challenge for which HikCentral Professional was used, a software platform that converges the entire range of Hikvision products and is capable of integrating third-party equipment via the ONVIF protocol, to better adapt to the needs of a client like LaFinca. This scalable and highly available solution is capable of controlling up to 100,000 channels, for centralized monitoring regarding device configuration, user management, and alarm event management, among others.

The project also required versatile management equipment and tools, capable of adapting to different environments with convergent subsystems. Additionally, they had to allow constant updating of the security proposal, based on an architecture ready to grow naturally and perfectly organized.

The project's needs demanded complete control through video surveillance of all premises. These include from the perimeter to the interior, covering all access areas. In the case of residential buildings, all intercom and video intercom systems for identification at entrances were also in play.


It is a very demanding client. For them, security is a fundamental premise, and we make continuous efforts to incorporate the latest market advances, says Juan de la Pedraja, head of the Critical Infrastructure vertical at Hikvision.


Complete control of all premises included providing security and surveillance elements to the parking area of the business park, with guidance, as well as people counting solutions, BI fisheye cameras, facial recognition, LPR solutions, and the entire intrusion system integrated with HikCentral.

To meet customer expectations, Hikvision has implemented devices that lead in innovation and technology, tailored to the needs of LaFinca. Among them, the following have been included:



  • Conventional outdoor recording cameras DS-2DE7A425IW-AEB(T5)
  • Three PTZ dome models: DS-2DE4225IW-DE(S5), DS-2DE5225W-AE(T5), and DS-2DE7430IW-AE
  • Two Deep-in-view models: iDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHS and iDS-2CD7186G0-IZS
  • Body cams


Control center

  • Videowall

Hikvision's proposal offers evident benefits to clients with specific needs. The first major differentiating element is HikCentral, the control software that centralizes the management of the entire system. The second major advantage is the implementation of advanced analytics, providing information to improve the client's business management. The third is the customization of solutions, allowing the development of a technological system that incorporates the latest innovations, and is made entirely to measure and according to needs, as in the case of LaFinca.


With the progressive installation of security and privacy systems by the company, LaFinca's premises are safe, sophisticated environments that offer enormous comfort to users. The relationship between Hikvision and Grupo LaFinca began in 2013 and has been maintained since then with the incorporation of updated, more efficient, and sophisticated technology.

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