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The biggest challenge of this project was to create a very large images at the highest possible quality level.


Thanks to cooperation among Vatican Museums, Dom Emisyjny Manuscriptum from Poland and Scripta Maneant from Italy, it was possible to bring the Sistine Chapel to Poland through the engaging, multimedia exhibition.

The unprecedented spectacle made it´s debut on November 18, 2023 at Poland´s largest stadium, the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, showcasing the Vatican´s greatest treasure, the Sistine Chapel.


As co-organizers of the exhibition, the Vatican Museum, expects the highest quality from us. That's why we delivered it through Panasonic's exceptional projectors, adds Bartlomiej Felus Exhibition Producer Manuscriptum Publishing House


The exhibition is divided into three sections

The first section invites visitors to explore the world of the Vatican. Here, visitors get to know the Vatican itself, it´s museums, and the artists who contributed to the creation of frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

In the second section is a cinema where visitors can watch a documentary produced by the Vatican Museums. It narrates the story of the chapel, the process of its painting, the artists involved in the project, and the historical period in which it all unfolded. A film introducing the subject of the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel is shown on a huge 19-meters screen.

In the third section, a dynamic projection surrounds us with frescoes from all sides, showing them in close-up and perspective, mixing points of view and scene sequences, which makes us feel carried away by a fascinating multi-sensory adventure. The segment of the chapel´s ceiling was recreated in nearly true scale, allowing for a detailed appreciation of elements not readily visible in the original, towering 20-meter-high interior.


Private tour of the Sistine Chapel

While exploring the exhibition, visitors can immerse themselves in the experience as if they were on a private tour of the Sistine Chapel, free from crowds and in close proximity to the art.


All of this is made possible thanks to Panasonic projectors, the sole source of light and imagery in this space. When we switch off the projectors, complete darkness envelops the room. It is this technology that allows us to intensely experience the emotions and admire these extraordinary images.


Technical solution

The technical solution combines 39 new Panasonic projectors: 35 x PT-REZ10LBEJ and 4 x PT-REZ12LBEJ with new feature, built in SDM slots, have been used to project images across an area of nearly 2,000 square meters. This solution eliminates the need for additional wiring and energy consumption.Panasonic Capilla Sixtina 2 HI

New projectors with SDM slots

Brand new projectors, 35 x PT-REZ10LBEJ and 4 x PT-REZ12LBEJ, have been used at this project. One of the key innovations in these devices is the SDM slot, which enables seamless integration of a multimedia player directly into the projector.

This solution eliminates the need for additional wiring and energy consumption. Each projector operates independently with its own multimedia player, allowing for precise customization of individual wall sections. For configuration, we utilize the web interfaces of the players and our advanced GeoManager Pro software.Panasonic Capilla Sixtina 3 HI

Preparing the perfect outcome

The process entails iterative calibration cycles until an impeccable outcome attains, followed by meticulous fine-tuning. The GeoManager Pro software streamlines these tasks, enabling efficient and effective execution. ARAM, the technical partner of this project, was working on-site, collaborating closely with Panasonic technical engineer, Ben Mitchell, to optimize the performance of Panasonic projectors.


I am incredibly proud and deeply touched by Panasonic's involvement in this important and extraordinary project. In Poland, we have seen several immersive exhibitions, but this one stands out, not only because of the extensive use of projectors but also because it encompasses not only the walls but also the entire ceiling, adds Magdalena Przasnyska Project Sales Manager Panasonic Connect Europe. 

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