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Described as the world’s first super boutique hotel, The Londoner is located at the heart of London’s prestigious Leicester Square.

With 16 stories — six of which are underground — the hotel boasts a scale like no other, offering 350 guest rooms; multiple restaurants, lounges and rooftop bars; an underground spa and swimming pool; two Odeon cinemas and a multi-million-dollar art collection. The guest experience is rounded out by the crown jewel of its amenities: the 880-guest capacity ballroom complete with dazzling lighting and projection technology for the most prestigious events.

Upon entering The Londoner, guests are greeted by intriguing sculptures, captivating artwork, and art deco- inspired interior design. To describe this hotel as five star is quite an understatement. Edwardian Hotels, the independent, family-owned company who created The Londoner, spared no expense to fulfill their mission of providing a truly exceptional experience for guests.


In committing to this promise, the hotel saw a need to complement the artistic interiors with the highest-quality, yet most-discreet, audio solution so visitors are engulfed in a soothing soundscape from the moment they arrive.


Complementing aesthetics with superior audiovisuals

The Londoner envisioned not only the latest audiovisual solution available to complement the hotel’s sprawling art collection and lavish interiors, but also one that ensured the ballroom was the best in the country — a lofty goal that consultant Arup and integrator Visual Systems were excited to exceed.BosePro Londoner 2 HIIype Abraham, commercial development director for Edwardian Hotels, explained that the aesthetics and atmosphere were the focal point of the space but audiovisual would complete the upscale ambience they desired.


We as a group invest heavily in technology and design with The Londoner being our newest member to the group. We want to have the best, with the interior design and finish as the focal point, not the technology, Abraham stated. 


With more than 40,000 meters of audiovisual cabling needed throughout the building, the team had their work cut out for them. Focus was placed on integrating the visual components like lighting and digital displays, as well as the audio capabilities that were both cutting edge and transparent. Ray Sappal, project director for Visual Systems, was confident in the team’s ability to achieve the perfect balance to deliver an exceptional result.
“We knew this was going to be a special project”,
Sappal said. “The hotel itself is different from a standard five- star hotel, and the audiovisual technology was a critical component — it’s not the focus, but there to enhance the
interior design and the artwork through more of the senses”.


Bespoke solution delivers a prestigious environment


With such a large, dynamic space with various aesthetics and use cases, the team built on the hotel’s existing data infrastructure by installing an extensive solution of Bose Professional Dante products.


BosePro Londoner 4 HI

We had Arup’s performance specifications for each of the spaces, enabling us to develop the ideal integrated solution with the client’s team. We provided everything that they could need for the future and more, Sappal said.

The team provided a solution that, like The Londoner, was in a class all its own. The overall design includes more than 300 Bose Professional loudspeakers. Included are the DesignMax, EdgeMax and FreeSpace range of loudspeakers, which deliver space-saturating audio throughout all the various common spaces in an efficient and discrete footprint.

The Ballroom delivers a diverse, refined, flexible space with state-of-the-art technology and quality dining. The ShowMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers ensure an inspiring experience every time. Equipped with zone controls like the ControlSpace CC-1 that allows for local volume control, the staff also has the option of sharing the Ballroom’s activities and music throughout other parts of the hotel.

The Stage Champaign Bar — one of the six restaurants and bars — provides live music. The team leveraged the room-filling coverage provided by the in-ceiling EdgeMax EM180 loudspeakers located at the edges of the room.
The ControlSpace CC-16 zone control panel and a Dante wall plate enables easy and intuitive control for a variety of music setups.BosePro Londoner 3 HIThe combination ControlSpace CC-16 and CC-64 control panels, FreeSpace loudspeakers and MB210-WR subwoofers provide the other hotel restaurants and rooftop bar with the ideal, bespoke ambiance needed while remaining easy to manage. Within each of these room, the audio technology blends into the spaces, allowing for a memorable indoor and outdoor dining experience.

The Mezzanine level — exclusively for hotel resident — consists of three unique areas, each controlled by a ControlSpace CC-1 zone controller. This level incorporates the EdgeMax EM90 in-ceiling loudspeaker, providing an area to experience art and relaxation.
In the lower levels, which are dedicated to the Green Room and multi-purpose area, the audio solution incorporates several MB210-WR subwoofers along with RoomMatch RMU206 and RMU208 loudspeakers. This allows for lower- level background sound during the day yet supports the higher levels desired for evening activities.

The Visual Systems team ensured the right AV technology was incorporated, living up to The Londoner’s prestigious reputation and successfully fulfilling all its unique requirements.BosePro Londoner 5 HI


Bose professional goes above and beyond expectations

Throughout the hotel, guests are greeted by sophisticated works of art and exceptional interior design. From the lobby and guestrooms and within each amenity, visitors are surrounded by soothing soundscapes to complement the artistic interiors, delivered by transparent audio technology that blends seamlessly into the hotel’s surroundings.BosePro Londoner 6 HIEmanual Tulan, audio visual and production manager for The Londoner, unequivocally approved of the Bose Professional solution’s quality and thoroughness.


I am so pleased with the design. Visual Systems have thought about all the possible uses the various spaces within the hotel could be used for, including redundancy and backup to support the needs for live events or broadcast. We have a fully engineered solution beyond what’s offered at other hotels, which will help build our brand and business. For me personally, it’s a lot of great technology to play with!, Tulan exclaimed.


The results are clear: The Bose Professional solution blends perfectly and discreetly within the hotel’s aesthetic design while integrating seamlessly with the robust visual components found in the ballroom, completing the project and accomplishing the hotel’s goals. 

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