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El, founded in Barcelona in 2016, is a native digital media outlet covering current affairs in politics, economy, social issues, culture...

To enhance its commitment to innovation and elevate the possibilities of content creation and production, El partnered with Nou Broadcast Service to realize an integration project, including: the installation of an automated television studio with production control, a radio studio and control room, a sound booth for audio recordings, and post-production suites.


From the outset, the Nou Broadcast Service team closely collaborated with technical and commercial stakeholders from EARPRO&EES, forming an alliance that successfully implemented a technically challenging project.



Earpro NacionalCat 8 HI   Earpro NacionalCat 3 HI


The main challenge was the television studio located in a confined space with limited ceiling height on the 3rd floor of an office building. Installing the LED screen demanded minimal height for wide shots, prompting Nou Broadcast Service to perform ceiling and floor modifications to optimize space. Ultimately, the chosen solution was an ABSEN LED screen, offering high resolution and advanced technology for 4K image quality.

Specifically, the indoor K1.9 PLUS model was selected for its 256x512 pixel resolution and high refresh rate, ideal for working with PTZ cameras in tight spaces. The installed LED screen measured 17 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.

For sound, Shure solutions were chosen for the television studio, radio studio, and sound booth, meeting all technical specifications. The main challenge here was the limited space and the large size of the LED screen, complicating clean audio coverage.


Earpro NacionalCat 2 HI Earpro NacionalCat 1 HI  


Therefore, SHURE's ULX series systems were chosen for their high quality and versatility, along with TL48B/O-MTQG subminiature lavalier microphones, ideal for voice and dialogue with enhanced mid-range frequencies. DANTE technology, combined with the Shure ULXD4QE K51 receiver, facilitated the installation and configuration of the audio elements.

For the radio studio, SRH840A-EFS headphones and SM7B podcasting microphones were deployed. Finally, SRH840A-EFS headphones and a KSM30CG condenser microphone were used for the sound booth.


With over 100 staff members, it was essential to provide optimal viewing solutions for all workstations. Therefore, an IPTV system was implemented, enabling simultaneous distribution of 30 signal streams over the network.



Earpro NacionalCat 6 HI   Earpro NacionalCat 1 HI


For monitors, high-resolution, high-brightness devices were required, designed for extended continuous operation to facilitate immersive viewing experiences. LG's digital signage solutions met this requirement with 25 LG 43UH5J-H monitors and 5 55UH5J-H models. Additionally, 3 65TR3DJ monitors were installed in meeting rooms.

Overall, the audiovisual project has enabled the consolidation of a cutting-edge digital content production team at El through the provision of technological resources.

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