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The IKEA MAR Shopping mall in Portugal occupies an area totaling more than 8,000 square meters.

A high level of building security is guaranteed by the networking of thousands of components – and it all functions extremely efficiently thanks to a fully integrated solution.

IKEA MAR Shopping contains not only products belonging to the Swedish furniture maker – about 220 retail stores and an outlet are also to be found in the enormous shopping mall on the Algarve. The grounds also includes a 8,000 square meter leisure area as well as 3,500 parking spaces. The sheer size of the development posed a major challenge for the security technology.


Thousands of visitors and employees frequent the mall every day and they all want to shop and work in an atmosphere of safety. In an emergency, the necessary measures have to be triggered quickly and precisely.


To remain within the predetermined budget, the security system has to function as simply and as efficiently as possible. Specifically, this means that the manpower required to operate the system has to be manageable and the number of elements in the control room has to be straightforward to operate. entrance of shopping mall res CE


We’ve succeeded in connecting thousands of individual components within a fully-integrated network.


To solve the challenges, Bosch experts have implemented a concept that takes security and cost factors into account: Within their system, all the security relevant information and building management functions are bundled together on a central platform. It includes amongst other things a connected fire and intrusion alert system with 4,000 fire detectors and 520 sensors for both intrusion alert and controlling access to IKEA MAR Shopping. A major advantage lies in the fact that the personnel do not have to be trained on lots of different systems but just one. It has also been designed so that a single operator can keep track of the whole system.

All the system’s 390 cameras are fitted with Bosch‘s Intelligent Video Analysis software. The integrated function processes image data in real time and recognizes suspicious activities by means of an algorithm. control room ikea mar shopping mall res. CE

“For a human being, it’s virtually impossible to constantly keep all the cameras in view”, said Luis Gomes, Bosch Building Technologies Sales Manager Iberia.


Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analytics makes it easier for the staff to keep track of everything.


In potentially dangerous situations, it can make all the necessary information available to the personnel so that they can trigger the appropriate measures. Should it be necessary to evacuate the building, a signal
is for example sent to the Bosch public address system which then gives people in the mall precise instructions over the approximately 1,100 ceiling loud speakers. ikea iva system res CE

Within the space of two years, Bosch has therefore managed to create a harmonious overall picture by which everybody spending time in the IKEA MAR Shopping can feel safe. The operating company can additionally deploy security staff more efficiently and reduce their workload. At the same time, it saves costs and more capital can be invested in business processes. Luis Gomes: “The technologies result in fewer staff being needed in the control room and they can be otherwise deployed.”


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