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Sound and lighting systems using Equipson WORK PRO products at SMY Costa del Sol Hotel

Holidaymakers staying at SMY Costa del Sol will now be able to enjoy music throughout the hotel's public areas thanks to the installation of a new sound system that has Equipson's WORK PRO products at its heart.


Located opposite Los Alamos beach in Torremolinos, SMY Costa del Sol wanted a superior system that reflected the quality ethos of its accommodation and facilities. The system also needed to be powerful enough to cover a large area including the lobby, restaurant, restrooms and outdoor terrace.


Malaga-based installation company Servicios Integrales M3 was chosen for the project on the basis of its extensive AV knowledge and its reputation for delivering exceptional results. The company specified a large selection of WORK PRO speakers, amplifiers, control and multiplayer units because it had previous experience of Equipson's WORK PRO range and had always been happy with the quality and performance of its products.Hotel Smy SL210A LineArray.HI

"This was a large installation that involved 90 IC 6 PRO ceiling speakers, which we fitted in all of the common areas," says Jose María Montero, General Director of Servicios Integrales M3. "On the terrace we installed a WORK PRO SL 210 A line array system with an SL 218 SA subwoofer, which delivers the power and intelligibility the hotel wanted. Overall, our brief was to ensure great sound quality and great aesthetics by installing well designed speakers that were in keeping with the hotel's décor."

As well as speaker and a powerful line array system, Servicios Integrales M3 also installed two WORK PRO multiplayers, a Mark Mix U24 digital mixer and a transmission system consisting of Equipson BlueLine Digital products including BLS2 SD MKII stereo AoIP senders and BLR 2 Lite MKII stereo over AoIP receivers.


Alongside a lack of quality and poor intelligibility, the other key problem we needed to solve was poor control


"Equipson's BlueLine products were the perfect solution as they are simple to install. Because they are based on streaming using ethernet they make it much easier to control the output and volume of each speaker so that different audio sources can be played in different areas" Montero adds. Collage Equipson Hotel SMY. HI

Servicios Integrales M3 was also asked to specify a system that would allow the hotel to control lighting for its live shows and discos on the terrace. "This needed to work remotely and also have a time programmer for general architectural lighting," Montero says.

The solution chosen was a WORK PRO LightShark LS-CORE DMX-based hardware lighting console which offers customizable custom scene buttons that can be triggered from any smart device via a web browser. The system also embeds an internal scene scheduler so that thousands of scenes can be automatically triggered at the desired time, date etc. Able to control up to eight DMX universes, LS-CORE is ideal for AV installers and system integrators because it is a plug and play solution that is incredibly easy to use and doesn't require special software - a web browser is all users need to have complete control of the console.

SMY Costa del Sol's new sound and lighting systems were installed in time for this summer's holiday season and both hotel staff and guests are now enjoying high quality audio throughout a property where the contemporary décor is inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean.SMY Costa del Sol Vista.HI


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