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The DM NVX Crestron solution ensures scalability, high resolution and low latency

The National Museum is one of the most respected buildings in Prague and has held listed status since 1962. Highlighting modern Czech history, this iconic building is admired by many and forms part of the recognised National Museum Institution.

After a complex restoration project, the building reopened in October 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic. “We wanted to equip the museum with a modern AV distribution solution that could deliver the highest quality performance and peace of mind into the future - this is what DM NVX does perfectly,” explains Pavel Arazim, Project Manager at LANGARD.Crestron Museo Nacional Praga 2


The challenge

The National Museum required an AV upgrade to enhance exhibit displays. The project had a tight timeline to coincide with the Czech Republic’s 100- year anniversary.  “There was a pressure to deliver the integration in time for the grand opening, and Crestron DM NVX really came into its own here - in fact, we were able to program the total AV distribution for the first exhibit in just 48 minutes!” claims Arazim.

There was a pressure to deliver the integration in time for the grand opening, and Crestron DM NVX really came into its own here - Pavel Arazim, Project Manager at LANGARD


The solution

As part of the restoration and enhancement of the building, the museum enlisted integrator LANGARD s.r.o to upgrade its AV signal management solution. LANGARD integrated a comprehensive Crestron DM NVXTM network AV solution throughout the museum, installed in time for the grand opening celebrations. DM NVX provides ultra-fast, high resolution AV distribution and unlimited scalability to support future expansion.

An exhibition to mark the anniversary of our country was a great challenge and a matter of enormous prestige,” comments Ing. Martin Soucek, PhD, Information Systems Designer at the National Museum. “It was important that our AV technology was of the highest quality throughout the museum to showcase our exhibits. As the museum is in constant use, reliability was a priority and the Crestron DM NVX solution, integrated by LANGARD, perfectly delivers day after day.”Crestron Museo Nacional Praga 3


The technology

Crestron DM NVX ensures the smooth distribution and switching of high- resolution AV signals to each exhibition space. In addition to delivering 4K audio and visual content, DM NVX can switch the content on any of the museum’s 192 displays or projectors with minimal latency.

It also allows the user to select distribution across either certain sections, or to the entire network, which is particularly useful in case of an emergency, to display safety information throughout the entire property.


The solution delivers an ultra-fast, high resolution AV distribution for 4K audio and visual content, as well as reliability and scalability to ensure the building can continue to evolve.


The use of DM NVX and its IP transfer technology has provided several benefits, including practically endless possibilities for system expansion. Scalability is incredibly important to ensure the building can continue to evolve and stay up to date with technological advancements for many years to come. 

The success of the integration won LANGARD s.r.o. a 2019 Crestron Integration Award for “Best Application of DM NVX” announced earlier that year at ISE. The project impressed the judges with its extensive and innovative use of DM NVX technology.

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