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Visual Global Solution chose Barco projection for this event at Casa del Lector

Visual Global Solution is one of Spain’s most-respected suppliers for events – notably for corporations. An exclusive event for SCP (Sistemas de Comunicación Puntual y Marketing) at the Casa del Lector in Madrid offered a very special challenge. The venue is stylish and superb, but the actual room was relatively small.


Barco projection created powerful visuals in a small room, with the projectors hidden and very silent, so the audience was surprised by the effect.


So how do you create a wow effect with powerful visuals? “We installed twelve UDX-4K32 with eight angular and two intermediate optics, plus we put two E2 units to manage the signals,” says Daniel Garcia Fortes, Chief technician at Visual Global Solution. The projectors were hidden and very silent, so the audience was surprised by the effect.Barco Casa Lector"From the beginning, our company has relied on all Barco products for its reliability and prestige. As a client, we are delighted to work with Barco equipment," adds Javier Gonzalez García, General Coordinador at SCP.

Barco delivered a projection technology that provided 4K resolution, silent, memorable experiences thanks to exceptional performance and best-in-class processing.

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