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The French show in Moulins showcases the most impressive buildings with lights and projections

The historic French town of Moulins, in the Auvergne region, competes with other picturesque towns for visitor traffic. Like many others, it has an impressive range of mediaeval buildings. The town elders decided to showcase the most impressive ones using lights and projections as part of Moulins entre en scène. "Very quickly, it was so popular that the town had to add an extra show each night," explains Jessica Chailloux, from Novelty France

The illuminations get a round of applause every night, confirming their success - Jessica Chailloux, from Novelty France

This 90-minute show enables people to walk through the town at nightfall to discover the majesty and variety of the town. Four main buildings were highlighted between June 22 and September 30: the national center for stage scenery; Sacred Heart cathedral; town hall square in 360° vision; and the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon.

Moulins Novelty UDX 4K32 pngThe overall theme reflects Moulins’ rich history in cloth and clothing. The Barco solution, consisting on UDX-4K32, UDX-W32, F80-Q9 units that stand out for excellent reliability and a wide range of stable colors, provided by the AV specialists Novelty France combines the lumens needed to create a powerful effect with the ruggedness to deal with street illuminations. "The illuminations get a round of applause every night, confirming their success," claims Jessica Chailloux


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