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APIXIT opts for Peerless-AV Mounts for integration of Samsung IF series LED signage wall

AV technology company Peerless-AV has successfully completed a project with systems integrator APIXIT involving the integration of a 2.7m x 4.8m LED video wall at the ECLA Campus in Saclay, a commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris, France. Peerless-AV’s Direct View LED (DvLED) mounting solution (DS-LEDIF-10x5), met the technical requirements of the Samsung IF Series LED panels and the specific architectural features of the Agora area, at the heart of the campus.


Background to cooperation

Two years ago, the HPC Capital group, parent company of Oceanis Promotion, Appart’City and Global Exploitation, was in the process of launching the construction the project for the ECLA Paris Massy-Palaiseau Campus. The ECLA Campus is the largest student residence in France based on the co-living concept, a US-type campus combining accommodation which comes completely furnished and equipped, including communal areas and services.

This new type of campus, located 30 minutes from Paris, provides 1,100 accommodation units for 1,300 students and a unique service offering: a co-working area, cinema theatres, shared kitchen, e-games room, fitness suite and other facilities. ECLA wanted to create a living space which reflects the aspirations for healthy living, productivity and openness to technological innovations.

With a view to fulfilling this last aim, HPC Capital called upon the expertise of APIXIT, which specialises in IT services and consultancy. The APIXIT group currently has 350 employees throughout France and was formed in September 2018 from the merger of network integrators Retis and DCI. Each offering 25 years’ IT market experience, they support organisations during every phase of their digital transformation projects, based on the digital workplace, IT infrastructures and cybersecurity.Peerless AV ECLA Campus 2


The challenge

In this instance, the AV integration challenge involved incorporating a Samsung fine pixel pitch IF Series LED video wall within the Agora area, a central meeting place for everyone, staging exclusive events every week.

Samsung’s IF series Smart LED Signage was the outright choice for its excellent image quality and performance,” said Christophe Frouin, purchasing manager at APIXIT. “Designed for maximum versatility in indoor applications, the Samsung Smart LED panels benefit from High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies and advanced video processing, aimed at achieving maximum clarity and presenting images in the best possible way.


The AV integration challenge involved incorporating a Samsung fine pixel pitch IF Series LED video wall within the Agora area, a central meeting place for everyone, staging exclusive events every week.


While there was no doubt about the choice of display technology, the type of mount to be used to support the panels was a different matter altogether. "We consulted our wholesaler on this matter, who suggested three manufacturers, including Peerless-AV, we had to find a mount capable of supporting the LED wall dimensions, but we were looking in particular for support which could be offered at every stage of the project," explained Christophe Frouin, Purchasing manager at APIXIT.


Technology and consultancy

After examining the technical specifications presented by all three manufacturers, APIXIT opted for Peerless-AV. The close cooperation between Peerless-AV and Samsung on dedicated LED solutions was a further advantage to APIXIT.

It wasn’t only the technology that clinched it for us, but also our commercial approach,” said Gwenaëlle Villette, Business Development Director - France, at Peerless-AV. “Our customers are guaranteed a precision-engineered, custom solution and a single point of contact,” continues Gwenaëlle Villette.

What mattered was the commercial response, the promise to provide support from start to finish and the technology being offered - Christophe Frouin, Purchasing manager at APIXIT.

The task of attaching the panels to the Peerless-AV mount was carried out in three stages, requiring four days of labour and three integrators. Firstly, the right position was measured on the wall, the metal structure was fixed to place and the 50 Samsung LED Signage panels were mounted. “Little consideration, if any at all, was given to cost,” said Christophe Frouin. “What mattered was the commercial response, the promise to provide support from start to finish and the technology being offered.”


The Peerless-AV solution

Peerless-AV’s IF Mount for Samsung Direct View LED Displays is a dedicated solution, ideal for creating large video walls in public and non-public spaces, such as corporate lobbies, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, train stations, control rooms, and more. A modular solution, the IF Mount comes kitted together, out-of-the-box, for a simplified installation. The mount securely holds the Samsung IF display to form a properly- aligned, seamless video wall.


Key features include height and depth adjustment, predetermined adaptor rail locations, lightweight frame and wall plate spacers.


Key features include height adjustment to overcome installation irregularities and assure LED pixels are aligned, and depth adjustment to create one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections. Predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up assembly and minimise errors and a low-profile, lightweight frame reduces wall load while making installation easier. Wall plate spacers reduce the need for measuring and ensures the wall plates are installed in parallel.Peerless AV ECLA Campus 3



The Peerless-AV mount managed to fulfil both the technological and architectural requirements of the project. Specifically, the simple depth and height adjustment helped achieve an ideal position for the panels. As pixel pitches becomes smaller and smaller, the alignment of the pixel from display to display traditionally becomes increasingly difficult. With the adjustments offered by Peerless-AV, installers easily overcome issues for end- customers with the highest expectations.

As often happens, in our capacity as a systems integrator, we get involved at the end of the chain when we have to deal with numerous issues. In this instance, we didn’t need to worry about there being any defects with the wall,” comments Christophe Frouin. “Overall, we have achieved a result that really meets our expectations: an integrated digital solution in an area where students live and socialise.”

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