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SEADA’s SolarWall videowall controllers could be located far away from the videowall without losing any quality

Al-Hiwar TV, an Arabic language satellite TV channel, decided to apply a videowall consisting of 49 55’’ screens to its new studio in London, the biggest challenge for them was how to achieve good video quality on the videowall when the video source and video wall controller were in the utility room which was 40 meters away from the studio.

Nearly all videowall controllers on the market only have standard DVI or HDMI outputs which are only able to offer up to 15 meters distance for 1080p60 video source even with expensive and very thick of 24AWG cables.

Another challenge for them was to use one videowall controller to control more than one videowall individually in that studio, since total 2 video walls were formed with these 49 screens for its main news presentation desk and a secondary meeting & interview table area.SEADA Al Hiwar TV


SEADA's SolarWall videowall controllers

When VMClouds, the system Integrator for this project, came to SEADA for help, the company offered its SolarWall videowall controllers with HDBaseT graphic cards and MVWS (Multi Video Walls Support) technology.

The HDBaseT video outputs on SEADA’s SolarWall video wall controller enable the Al-Hiwar TV to locate the controller far away from the videowall screens (up to 100 meters) without losing any quality. It makes the cabling much easier and also saves a lot of cost on just using CAT cable instead of expensive HDMI/DVI cables.


Thanks to HDBaseT video outputs on SEADA’s SolarWall controller, it can be located far away from the videowall screens (up to 100 meters) without losing any quality.


SEADA’s MVWS technology enables users to control up to 4 videowalls simultaneously from the same SolarWall controller, which makes the management much easier and saves cost on chassis and capture cards since only one chassis is needed for 4 videowalls and capture cards can be shared between videowalls. This technology was perfect for Al-Hiwar TV requirement of controlling two videowalls with one controller.

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