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Peerless-AV's Xtreme displays offer the protection and safety needed in outdoor environments

Chaplin’s World by Grévin, which opened its doors in April 2016 in the Manoir de Ban (Switzerland), where Charlie Chaplin lived for almost 25 years, came about through the determination of several organisations: Genii Capital, Charlie Chaplain Foundation Museum, Compagnie des Alpes, By Grévin** and Domaine du Manoir de Ban SA.

The initial idea had been to bring together, in a single area, Charlie Chaplin’s entire cinematographic legacy and the details of his private life. In fact, these details cast a different light, even a new light on the man and his work. “More than two years and 200 contractors were required to transform the Manoir de Ban and its outbuildings. The end result is a themed attraction covering 2,000 m2,” remarks Annick Barbezat-Perrin, Head of Communication at the site.

Barbezat-Perrin explains: “Other work has been carried out, including the construction of a new building, creating parking facilities etc. Visitors can pass through three areas and literally go back in history seeing the process involved in creating cinema. The first is the Manoir, where we can share the everyday life of Charlie Chaplin and his family (witness accounts, photographs and personal effects)."

While all these spaces have been perfectly designed, their use showed that improvements could be made in terms of welcoming visitors - Hervé Castioni, Technical Manager at Chaplin’s World by Grévin

The head of communication othen continues: "Then, the Studio, where we can relive the most memorable scenes from the films of Chaplin the director; and lastly the Park, a vast area of four hectares affording a view over Lake Geneva and the Alps.

However, Hervé Castioni, Technical Manager at Chaplin’s World by Grévin, adds that “while all these spaces have been perfectly designed, their use showed that improvements could be made in terms of welcoming visitors.

We deliberately waited a year to observe and make the right choices. We weren’t going to be hasty in implementing methods, just because they’ve worked fine elsewhere. We wanted visitors to be able to access all the information enabling them to enjoy the whole venue,” explains Castioni.Peerless AV Chaplins World


Outdoor displays for information

Faced with this requirement, Chaplin’s World by Grévin decided in August 2017 to call upon the services of AV integrator Vision Color Sàrl to install two outdoor displays, suspended back to back.

As was the case with many museums before the advent of dynamic displays, Chaplin’s World by Grévin provided visitors with brochures. “Before installing the two Peerless- AV screens and mounts, we had noticed that people were taking longer to go through the ticket office. Often, visitors skimmed through the brochures or, worse still, didn’t take one,” remarks Hervé Castioni.

The selected integrator, Vision Color, had to be able to overcome three constraints. The first one was ensuring protection against water, knowing that the screens would be used outside. The second was safety, given the location of the screens. The last constraint was the architecture. In fact, the two monitors (124 cm each) and the mount had to be able to blend into the aesthetic look of the museum.


The requirements for ourdoor displays were ensuring protection against water; safety, given the location of the screens; and the architecture, since the mount had to be able to blend into the aesthetic look of the museum.


Vision Color opted for 49” screens from the XtremeTM Outdoor Daylight Readable Display range, which have an IP68-rated, fully-sealed weatherproof design and comply with safety standards. The screens are suspended 2 to 3 metres above the ground to make sure that everyone can see them.

In terms of features, it was also important that the screens operate quietly while visitors are standing in the queue. The Xtreme display’s patented Dynamic Thermal TransferTM system passively cools and thermally heats the display eliminating the need for filters, vents or fans.

Since the two Xtreme displays were installed, Chaplin’s World by Grévin has seen an improvement in the customer experience. Visitors have access to practical information, there are fewer enquiries and they are moving faster between the various activities. "We are pleased with the outdoor displays. Given the good results we’ve seen, we will continue to use the Peerless-AV solution," concludes Castioni.

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