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Hala Koszyki is a new meeting, greeting, eating and social concept in Warsaw.

Hala Koszyki is located in a stunning industrial building dating back to 1909 once a flourishing food market during the Russian Empire and a military hospital in the second world war, this has now beautifully and painstakingly restored to its original shape and form. It features multiple restaurant and bar concepts, grocery stores and services with a diverse and eclectic offering of international food and cuisine.

This hipster hang out transformation in Warsaw's Śródmieście (central) district is a popular destination – from business meetings in a funky location to friends looking for a vibe, great food, and architecture, there is also a small stage for DJs and live entertainment.


To add yet more ambiance to the space, a lighting installation was created and installed by Dominik Halgas of design, rental, and production company Fabryka Imprez, with Robe ParFect 150s among other fixtures.


The stage came after Hala Koszyki was built and opened, the operators decided it was a perfect place for selected music or other events like comedy, so the stage was added, and Dominik was asked to add lighting to the picture. However, Hala Koszyki was a more unusual project for Fabryka Imprez, who came on board through Dominik’s connections with and enthusiasm for the alternative rave and dance scene.

His brief was to create a budget-conscious lighting installation with mood-changing potential to deal with anything from the intimacy of a solo performance or a stand-up comedian to a pumping DJ set.

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Due to the historic fabric and materials of the building, no smoke or fog is possible, so Dominik chose lights that were bright and versatile. During the daylight hours, the extensive glass ceiling means there is light flooding into the space, so that was another factor to consider when adding entertainment lighting, especially in the summer months with the long evenings.


ParFect 150: the perfect solution

For key lightsources, he wanted fixtures that could blend well with the natural light as it changed tonality at dusk and before darkness and the ParFect 150 was ideal because of the small size, the excellent quality of light and the zoom. He also wanted to use an LED source for all the obvious reasons, and it was a cost-effective option.

Fourteen Parfect 150s are installed around the stage and central bar area of the ground floor, all attached to the impressive RSJs and structural metalwork by bespoke brackets.


“The Pointe fast became the most popular moving light in Poland. I would say that it still is, now along with the MegaPointe!” – Dominik Halgas

Dominik and his company have been using Robe products for around 5 years and they own both Pointes and MegaPointes which are constantly in use on corporate event work. When the Pointe was launched in 2013 they all started looking at Robe.

Dominik is delighted with the results of the first phase of lighting-related atmospheric engineering at Hala Koszyki. The client is now considering adding some architectural lighting throughout the building.

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