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NovaStar this year outdid last year’s amazing booth, featuring a new VR experience that attendees really enjoyed.

NovaStar also got to show off some amazing new NovaStar technologies like the COEX control system, HDR Master 4K, and Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System.



Perhaps receiving the most attention from guests this year was NovaStar’s all-new control system, COEX. This system features the industry’s first 8K controller, paired with new 5G receiving cards and a new software platform. With the entire system powered by the new Nova image booster engine, this system revolutionizes LED controllers, mastering elements of light and shadow for a visual experience that can not be matched.


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Another great product was HDR Master 4K, a new HDR video generator that can be adjusted according to the LED screen’s display characteristics. This optimizes the display to show more details in bright and dark parts of the image. HDR Master 4K also allows SDR video to be generated as an HDR10 video source output, reproducing a real and lifelike image.


Not to be left out, the Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System also made a splash at ISE 2020. This system streamlines remote display management, revolutionizing the level of ease and control. Ultimate stability, comprehensive security features, intelligent control, status monitoring, and maintenance all combine to provide an efficient and worry-free total management solution.

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