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The Archipel home sound systems will be available online and through L-Acoustics Creations Integrator Network.

L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, is dedicated to making L-Acoustics market-leading professional audio products and technologies available for specification in state-of-the-art private, residential, cultural, and marine AV environments.

As consumer demand for in-home audio and entertainment experiences rises, L-Acoustics Creations addresses that demand with the release of Archipel Sound Systems for the home, offering the impact and dynamics of the live concert experience.

Five L-Acoustics Creations packages are available for pre-order on the newly launched L-Acoustics eStore,

· Fiji 2.1 – Compact X4i based package for home office or salon
· Hawaii 2.1 – Powerful X8 based package for superprime sound lounges
· Tahiti 2.1 – Sleek Syva based package for high end home audio indoor or outdoor listening
· Tonga 2.1 – High performance Syva based package with reinforced sub for high performance, high fidelity music or cinema listening
· Ibiza 2.0 – Mighty Kara II based package for best DJ audio systems

Other custom systems are available via a network of residential A/V Integrators currently being developed.

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