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With installations around the world, DynaScan displays are the proven solution for high ambient light applications.

DynaScan Technology is the #1 manufacturer of high brightness displays. With brightness ratings as high as 7.000 nits, DynaScan high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight—making them the ideal solution for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor, and window-facing applications.


DynaScan offers the widest variety of sizes—models ranging from 32”-85”, in brightness levels from 2.500-7.000 nits, and are available in indoor and outdoor-ready configurations.


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Display solutions for wide variety of applications

As a leading professional display manufacturer, DynaScan offers a variety of products across three different series for indoor applications, direct sunlight window-facing applications, as well as IP-rated full outdoor solutions for smart cities, kiosks, and street furniture.


Available in a variety of sizes, form factors, brightness levels, and dual-sided configurations, DynaScan has a solution for virtually any application.


Window facing

DynaScan high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight, making them the ideal solution for enclosures and window-facing applications.TXyTxToCU9YKPKAZs0mZcfwiwUsdO9y6V7q4PS6e7xo


The DO Series is IP66 rated for protection from water and dust and features a vandal-resistant tempered glass surface.#CityBeacon using #dynascan 55" and 32" displays. Integration by OCP Solutions B.V.



With the industry’s thinnest form factors, the DI Series is ideal for premium high-end applications such as retail and banking environments.

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