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AQUA MARINEX are super robust universal cable series for outdoor and wet area installations with a sleep-well effect.

Sommer cable has recently expanded their watertight AQUA MARINEX cable series by additional connection variants or, for especially tough demands, developed rodent-proof versions with a built-in braid of aramide fibers as we know it from bullet-proof protective vests.

People who install cables e.g. in the garden, on the terrace, near water, in sauna facilities, in boatbuilding or on sports grounds wants to be sure that the material used is going to withstand all weather and environmental conditions such as rain, snow, ice, mud, sea or chlorine water, steam or heat – here the connection solutions from the cable professional can be used without hesitation or worries – with a sleep-well effect, so to speak.

Depending on the connection type, the cables of the series are suitable for permanent installation under water in a maximum depth of 50 m (164 ft.). A special PUR jacket with water-blocking tape minimizes the intrusion of water and other liquids and stops longitudinal spreading in case of cable damages, while the transversely watertight design stops water from spreading into the inner insulation layers. Matching connectors in the protection classes IP44 and IP67 as well as fully ready-assembled solutions complete the range.