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Cloud-based software extends the reach of digital signage content beyond traditional end points.

Carousel Digital Signage announces the immediate availability of Carousel Express Players, a new cloud- based software media player solution designed for keeping remote workers and students informed and up to date. The players help organizations extend their digital signage beyond location-based end points, and reach people wherever they work, learn and live.

Carousel Digital Signage developed the Express Players in response to pandemic-driven changes in business, learning and healthcare environments. The lightweight players are a perfect complement to Carousel Cloud digital signage software, as both are deployable together within an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. Once live, users can extend their “classic” digital signage content to desktop computers, laptops and tablets, with each Express Player solution licensed based on the size of the organization. Larger organizations also have the flexibility to target content for different business divisions, regions or teams.

“With so many students, instructors, and businesspeople working remotely, it is more important than ever for people to remain connected,” said JJ Parker, Carousel CEO. “Carousel Cloud customers using Express Players can now easily communicate across their entire organization, and not just in dedicated spots with fixed digital signage. Carousel Express Players unify organizations at a time when being in the same building is at best a challenge.”



Carousel Express Players can be deployed in flexible ways, including as screen savers that provide a practical way of keeping people connected; and by embedding Carousel Cloud channels directly into a company’s web page



TriOak Foods, a midwest food and grain production company, has found the embedded web player strategy valuable for reaching both home-based workers as well as sales staff working from the road. The latter provides a compelling use case for companies that expect their regional, national and global sales teams to gradually return to business travel as the pandemic subsides.

“We wanted to make our digital signage accessible for all TriOak employees, regardless of their locations,” said Rory Wagenbach, Administrative Assistant and Digital Media Team Member, TriOak Foods. “Having our Carousel channels embedded into our company website allows TriOak employees to quickly log in and look at our signage content at any time. It’s a good remedy for communicating important information to people that rarely are in front of our screens.”

Carousel Express Players can also effectively reach mobile audiences by displaying full-screen, browser-based content on iOS tablets. Digital signage content can also be presented from an icon on a tablet home screen without deploying the full Carousel Cloud Player app.

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