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This funding comes from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

It is for the development of a smart-city control center as part of the ALFRIED project: the automated and connected driving in logistics programme being undertaken at the Friedrichshafen test site by the IWT (Institute for Advanced Training, Knowledge and Technology Transfer). The programme is a unique cooperation between several technology leaders and industry specialists.

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive, complex mobility system. It will develop a future-proof, sustainable mobility system through automated and networked driving and test them in real traffic at the Friedrichshafen test site using inner-city goods transport as an example.

IHSE develops novel smart city control center

The focus of the programme is on the foundation of a technological infrastructure that optimizes and controls heterogeneous traffic of the future with traditional and autonomous traffic participants, including public transport.


Future inner-city traffic flow is to be made more efficient by dynamically optimizing travel routes. This will help reduce traffic jams, speed up vehicle trips and reduce inconvenience to local residents


Friedrichshafen test site trials mixed traffic of the future

IHSE GmbH is leading the smart city control center work package for the project. This task is to develop a concept for a control center that will be implemented and evaluated within the framework of the demonstration and innovation laboratory.

A large amount of data is generated by different aspects of the smart infrastructure: by traffic movement and from information on construction sites and rescue operations. This data is amalgamated and evaluated in the control center to form a local Datenraum Mobilität (mobility data space) for the Friedrichshafen region which is then used to generate optimal traffic routes.

Cyber security concept for maximum data security

A particular challenge for the control center is the integration of incoming data from a range of sources and the development of a cyber security policy that ensures the security of all received data. Special equipment is being developed for this purpose in accordance with the so-called KRITIS criteria for critical infrastructures.

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