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Absen is set to launch a new and improved version of its Absenicon LED panel.

Absenicon was designed to be the perfect visual solution for high-end meeting rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums in corporate, government, education, and other indoor environments that require a reliable and visually stunning display for effective communication.

The new Absenicon 3.0 LED boasts a 5mm frame and shallow 28.5mm screen depth, in order to take up the minimum space. Bringing a 16:9 aspect ratio (Full HD resolution), Absenicon 3.0 is available in three different sizes: 110”, 138” and 165”.

Its robust and slim design – coupled with an impressive 94% screen-to-body ratio – means that superb and virtually seamless large-format images are now within reach for a wide variety of corporate and business settings.

“Gone are the days when meetings and presentations had to be delivered behind curtains and in the dark,” said Philippe Poppe, Absen Europe’s industry development director, Corporate. “With adjustable brightness levels from 0 to 350nits, the Absenicon 3.0 is perfectly adapted to open spaces and bright environments. It also features a cinematic level colour gamut of 110% and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, allowing it to display detailed content with accurate and vivid colours – the perfect tool to enliven any presentation and captivate the audience.”


In addition, the 160° ultra-wide viewing angle enables attendees to benefit from enhanced meeting efficiency and productivity


Absenicon 3.0’s all-in-one design integrates a complete control, operation, and sound system, thus avoiding the need for any traditional control box and video processor. Its hidden cable design also presents a sleek and clean finish to the whole screen.

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Thanks to its new smart control system, Absenicon 3.0 users can easily turn the screen on and off, switch the digital channels, and adjust the screen brightness thanks to the on-screen display menu settings.

The Absenicon 3.0 supports dual systems including Android 8.0 and optional Windows 10 OS for BYOD needs. By scanning a QR code, users can share the content of a computer, smartphone, or tablet while taking notes on these devices during a conference. The Absenicon 3.0 is able to share multiple screens simultaneously, allowing to present different creative ideas all at once.

The user-friendly design of the Absenicon 3.0 also means that maintenance is made very easy. The LED panel doesn’t require any fans or cooling system, making it extremely quiet and therefore perfect for the environment it has been designed for.

Absenicon can be installed by two engineers in only as little as two hours, with both wall mounting and mobile installation options available. The Absenicon 3.0 is front-serviceable and it takes just a couple of seconds to remove a module with its special tool, making the installation and maintenance quick and convenient.

The new Absenicon 3.0 will be shipping in Q2 2021.

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