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TOA introduces 3D models on their website to show new products and enhance room planning via AR.

TOA’s new 3D product pictures not only show the products from every angle, they also can be projected via AR into any room. Thus, they make technical planning easier and bring additional value to the 2D screen.

3D View: VX-3000 Series – Voice alarm and public address system: Now customers can discover the details of TOA’s products as if they were real and in front of them. So, they can get a good impression of a new product without meeting in person and actually touching the product itself. And they can project them into their own rooms to assess the visual impression of different products.


The 3D models were first created due to the restrictions in personal meetings when exhibitions, events and sales meetings had to be cancelled


When customers cannot touch the products, the 3D models provide a way to see and examine a product from every angle. But demonstrating products online instead of meeting eye-to-eye was not the only situation that benefited from the detailed models. Also, the planning of an audio system within a specific room became more visual and tangible. The 3D product pictures are shown on the website and can also be used on mobile devices.

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