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Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of invidis consulting, founded the digital signage boutique consultancy in 2006.

Florian held several senior positions in the communication and travel industry before focusing on trends and strategies in digital signage and digital-out-of-home. invidis consulting GmbH is a renowned European consulting firm for digital signage, with expertise in consulting, research, communications and events.

In your opinion, what are the sectors that have a more favorable evolution in the digital signage market. Leisure, teaching, retail, architecture 3.0, advertising, domestic, health sector, control systems, others?

Digital Signage offers added value to basically every vertical market, but sectors with high customer / employee frequency and use-cases requiring up-to-the-minute, live information are naturally the markets digital signage is most effective.

Retail, QSR and advertising are markets where digital signage has become business critical for customer facing communication. Behind the scenes command & control rooms and healthcare would not be able to operate without digital signage technology.


The more data that comes into play, the more digital signage becomes an essential tool


What exactly is DSS and what are its benefits?

DSS Europe takes place 29-30 September at the Hilton Munich Airport. It is a two-day in-person conference, exhibition and networking event where technology meets customers, where thought-leaders inspire the industry and where trends are set. This two-day event welcomes over 500 experts to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest trends.

It is clear that digitization, in all environments, has been and is favorable. Necessary. Although the physical encounter and personal contact provide organic aspects that are difficult to achieve via digital. Therefore, the DSS is a meeting of the latest technology, within the warmth of personal contact in Munich. What are your impressions about it?

We believe digital signage does not replace humans but complements personal contact instead. The same can be said for the DSS Europe event. The industry suffers from video-fatigue and there is a desire for meeting at in-person events once again. At DSS Europe we will be offering a rich conference programme, a live exhibition and more…all in a safe environment.

The event and it’s conference programme has been designed to meet the requirements of the new world we live in - with more space and streaming of presentations throughout the venue to allow for social distancing, a new Innovation Stage showcasing startup talent, and extended exhibition and networking events.

Why should companies and organizations be interested and involved in the implementation of digital signage in their organizations?

Stores are changing to more agile spaces as brands and retailers need to adapt to consumer and society trends much faster. In addition, customers expect seamless brand and shopping experiences across all platforms. Digital Signage connects online with offline and enables retailers to adapt the instore shopping experience within seconds.

Physical retail – especially brand owned-retail – is becoming a space where consumers can experience brands, products and services – regardless on which channel they purchase. Apple, luxury brands and especially ecommerce retail have highlighted just how emotional and immersive stores can be. Digital Signage is the technology that is facilitating the retailer to inform, inspire, engage and entertain consumers in a scalable and efficient way.

What is the future?

The future of digital signage is very exciting; retailers are implementing omni-channel strategies, corporates are exploring ways to reinvent office work in a constantly changing regulatory and social environment, and the advertising industry is making the switch to programmatic digital out of home.

The main driver for digital signage is the increased relevance of data and the trend to a more personalized experience. A playing field where digital signage offers highly scalable solutions for an exceptional value.