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The new AirMedia portfolio enables one-touch seamless wireless presentation.

Crestron announces the next generation of AirMediaPresentation Systems, a portfolio of wireless presentation devices purpose-built to support more intuitive and efficient meetings in the modern workplace with one-touch presentation and meeting control from any collaboration device. AirMedia devices seamlessly connect presentation, collaboration, and display capabilities together for the enterprise workspace on the Crestron Flex digital workplace platform.


Collaboration drives performance in today’s enterprise workplace and as businesses return to a hybrid-first work environment, in person collaboration has become even more important


The new AirMedia delivers the most efficient and effortless wireless presentation and collaboration experience, enabling employees to maximize their time together by simply walking into any meeting space, turning on a display or connecting to a laptop, and instantly be able to access and share content through any device so they can concentrate on the task at hand.

AirMedia supports wireless content sharing and conferencing from any device, whether BYOD or on in-room displays, and between either internal teams or guests. The new AirMedia boasts several new features to enhance the presentation and collaboration experience, including:

· Advanced Presentation – Share up to nine screens, allowing for multiple documents to be seen and worked on simultaneously and eliminating the need to constantly change between presenters. AirMedia also dynamically adjusts the layout based on source to ensure an immersive presentation experience
· Enhanced 4K video support – Provides high-quality streaming for meetings so even the most detailed content is seen clearly, improving collaboration across the organization
· New customizable user interface – Redesigned user interface allows users to customize their logo and backgrounds for a fully branded environment, as well as view important room information

The AirMedia Connect adaptor brings detethered wireless presentation to the AirMedia lineup, providing a simple and intuitive way to make any space a meeting and collaboration space. With the AirMedia Connect, you can add wireless presentation capabilities to any space without the need for additional wiring or infrastructure. AirMedia Connect also provides a way to simplify guest presentation, without the need for presenters to connect to the internal network.

Native support for Microsoft Teamsor Zoom video conferencing ensures that meetings happen within seconds, either through a wireless connection on the AirMedia network or by plugging any USB-Cdevice into the AirMedia Connect, without the need to download additional software.

AirMedia works on the Crestron Flex digital workplace platform, which provides accessibility for every enterprise endpoint device from room scheduling to conferencing, and from lighting and shading to thermostat control.

Management and software updates for AirMedia are effortless through the Crestron XiO CloudService, which ensures a centralized experience for configuration, deployment, updates, and analytics for end-devices in the enterprise. AirMedia also supports a Dual LAN network so users can have both a private and guest network, ensuring unknown devices cannot pose a security risk.

The AirMedia Presentation Systems portfolio includes three new products:

· The AM-3100 Receiver, a new, entry-level option that supports wireless presentation on the secure AirMedia network, perfect for smaller applications such as huddle spaces, education and stand-up spaces where simple wireless presentation is needed.  
· The AM-3200 Receiver, an updated version of the legacy AirMedia device, brings additional features, including an audio output for interfacing with room audio, DUAL LAN network, HDMIinput to support wired and wireless presentation on a single room system, and RS232 and IR ports for built-in display control.
· The AM-TX3-100 Connect adaptor for enabling wireless sharing without cables or connection to an enterprise network. The AM-TX3-100 Connect makes sharing simple for guest presenters, who can easily connect and present without the need to download software or connect to the network.

The AirMedia portfolio is now available for pre-order. The AM-3200 and AM-3100 will begin shipping in September, and a shipping date for AM-TX3-100 will be announced in the future.

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