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Absen is due to embark on a tour of events around Europe.

The company will present its MicroLED and Jade Dragon (JD) series LED panels to attendees of three major industry events in the region.

The tour begins in France on 9th September at ‘Tech in Lyon’, before heading to Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, UK, for ‘Peerless-AV - A New AV Experience’ on 16th & 17th September. The final stop of the tour will be ‘MEDIALOG’, which is set to take place on 6th & 7th October in Mainz, Germany.

Absen’s MicroLED will be front and centre at all three of these events, with specialists on hand to demonstrate how its fusion of 5G and 8K UHD intelligent micro-displays stand it in good stead to become the next great display technology.

MicroLED was developed using proprietary HCCI technology and packaged with inverted COB technology to achieve an ultra-black surface coating effect and high ambient light contrast through an enhancement of the light efficiency and heat dissipation of the display.

Several features, including a superior image quality that captures even the finest of details, low power consumption, intelligent display, and a lightweight, thin screen, add to the product’s appeal.

Absen Europe Tour Jade JD 1

The JD series – which was released at Absen’s Spring Online Product Launch in March – is a light, thin, transparent LED display with high penetration rate, which suitable for shop windows and the glass curtain wall environment.

The series has three kinds of products, of which JD3.9 has two exterior designs of full frame and frame-less. The standard specification of the JD series is 1000mm x 500mm, but JD3.9 also provides 500mm x 500mm, and JD10 and JD16 also support customer customisation, to achieve more screen size flexibility.


A third product line – the pliable TSC Series Flexible Display – will also be on show during the tour, but, unfortunately for Absen’s continental colleagues, only at the Peerless-AV event in London


Emma Liu, MD of Europe for Absen said: “It’s great to be back on the road, sharing these fantastic products with our European colleagues. The team are very much looking forward to travelling again and making up for lost time with new and existing customers alike.”

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