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Peerless-AV is turning 80 years old, celebrating decades of technology innovation and growth.

Leveraging its maturity and unrivalled reputation for manufacturing quality AV products, Peerless-AV is a brand renowned for its agility and flexibility to adapt to new emerging technologies and markets. Since it produced the first TV wall mount in 1965, the business has always moved with the times, expanding its portfolio to include multiple industry-firsts with an award-winning approach to delivering solutions according to customers’ changing needs.


Peerless-AV first opened its doors in 1941 in Illinois fabricating components for military equipment for WWII


A famed early innovation was the first known TV wall mount, launched in 1978 and advanced for its time. Fresh off this success, the mounting product line was extended to include a range of flat panel trolley and stand solutions. A manufacturing plant was opened in Latin America in 1995, the Jumbo 2000 mount was launched in 1999 and the Plasma, LCD, and projector mount lines in 2003.

2009 marked a major development, with the opening of the EMEA HQ. The following year, the company moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Aurora, Chicago, which serves as global HQ. In 2011, the business launched the DS-VW765-LAND Full-Service Video Wall Mount, a market leading product at this time that set the standard and influenced full-service video wall mounting design for years to come.


After carefully assessing market needs, Peerless-AV quickly adapted and expanded its capabilities, and began providing niche technology products such as the HD Flow and PeerAir Wireless AV System in the newly formed Emerging Technology group


Dovetailing on this success, Peerless-AV strategically acquired outdoor TV manufacturer Cill Technologies in 2013, introduced its fully sealed commercial outdoor display line, launched the kiosk division, and delivered the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar in 2016. In 2018, the SEAMLESS dvLED video wall integration programme was born and, in 2020, the EMEA business was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

In September 2021, Peerless-AV hosted its first ever showcase and networking event in London with over 20 exhibiting partners. This marks a milestone for the EMEA business and reflects the company’s commitment to bringing the AV industry together, encouraging positivity and interaction.

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