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Absen is ending the year on a high with the introduction of five new cutting-edge products and technologies.

Looking ahead to 2022, and in particular to the ISE show where the new series will be presented to international visitors in a much-anticipated industry trade show, Absen recently unveiled at an online autumn product launch the new generation HC series of professional small pitch products, the AX Pro series of MiniLED, the MR series of professional floor tile screens and the much-awaited Clear Cobalt MicroLED, all of which are available immediately.

Absen’s most anticipated technology was arguably the Clear Cobalt MicroLED series, which boasts 1200nit brightness and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. The pixel pitch ranges from 1.2mm down to 0.7mm and uses flip chip technology to improve electrical performance and increase overall reliability. Compared to a standard SDR (standard dynamic range), display the HDR10 allows for an image that is over twice as bright with a corresponding increase in contrast.

As the undisputed leader in LED manufacturing, Absen has been pioneering and perfecting MicroLED technology for the past five years. The COB (chip-on-board) technology has a deep black, non-reflective surface which is able to produce life-like image quality without over saturation. The innovative product boasts a wide colour gamut of 90% BT2020, reduced moiré-effect and black uniformity.

Also released at the launch was the new HC series of professional small pitch products, the HC II and the HC II Pro. The 27-inch diagonal HD display panels are ultra-light and thin, weighing 5.2kg with native resolution of 4K, 8K or above. This series has a dual receiving card option and a 16:9 standard display ratio.

The latest series of the AX Pro MiniLED was also introduced as part of Absen’s growing virtual production range, serving as a backdrop screen with 1000nit brightness and a high refresh rate of 7680Hz. The MR series of professional floor tile screens offers a new virtual LED solution, capable of creating fully immersive LED wall and floor. This technology enables actors, presenters, and creators to interact−in real time−with their surrounding environment and without being limited to the confines of a green screen.

Christian Czimny, industry product director comments: “The highlight of our autumn series is without a doubt our Clear Cobalt Series, from our data visualisation range. As industry leaders for the past 20 years, we view the MicroLED display era as a huge step into new technology. This is something we have been tirelessly developing over a number of years and will soon be seen in high-end conference rooms, control rooms, radio and television studios and luxury homes.”

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