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Yamaha has launched its new VC series ceiling speakers, a low profile, cost-effective range.

VC is designed to deliver high quality music reproduction with an exceptional performance-to-cost ratio in a variety of commercial spaces, including hospitality, entertainment and corporate premises.

The six model range comprises the VC8, with eight inch woofer and one inch tweeter, VC6 (6.5 inch woofer, 0.8 inch tweeter) and VC4 (four inch woofer, 0.8 inch tweeter), which all include back cans. There are also ‘N’ versions of each speaker - VC8N, VC6N and VC4N - with the same specifications, but no back can. These models include a back cover that protects the speaker unit and circuitry from dust and moisture.

Yamaha VC VCN scene 1

All VC models feature a lightweight, low-profile housing which allows them to be installed where space above ceilings or behind walls is very restricted. All models have an elegant design and are available in either black or white finish. The supplied grilles can also be painted in any colour to match interior decor.


Connections for both high and low impedance audio systems are provided. With the VC series’ nominal impedance of 16 ohms, a higher number of speakers can be installed with either type of system. This reduces the need for additional units and, with the input wattage easily switched with a tap on the front of the speaker (even after installation), allows systems to be created which precisely meet the needs of any location


VC speakers also include features to help fast, safe installation. All models are lightweight, easily portable and feature a smart mechanism for safe and quick installation. This includes large clamps to ensure secure mounting. The VC8, VC6 and VC4 feature a built-in carrying band, which makes them easy to carry and enhances safety when installers are working on stepladders.

According Chihaya ‘Chick’ Hirai, General Manager of Yamaha’s Pro Audio marketing and sales department: “The VC Series provides a no-compromise choice in sound quality and design for a wide range of applications, from restaurants to those which require large numbers of speakers, such as shopping malls, large department stores, event venues and multiple conference rooms.”

Easily adaptable to the strictest installation limits, the VC series ensures superb, cost-effective audio performance wherever they’re placed, without affecting the visual design of a space.

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