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Key Digital’s Presentation Solution family includes a range of three-, two- and single-gang wall-plate/desktop box-mount switcher/transmitters.

These products provide a flexible range of input options, local and remote control, CEC display control and signal extension via HDBaseT and proprietary UHDoTP technology. Installation requires zero programming (saving precious time in the field), and operation is user-friendly for the entire line.

At the top of the line is the KD-X4x1WUTx, a 4x1 4K/18G Wall Plate Switcher featuring front-panel dual HDMI, Display Port and USB-C inputs. The KD-X4x1WUTx supports Ultra HD/4K up to 4096x2160 at 4:4:4 (signals up to 18 Gbps bandwidth) for no-compromise video performance.

Its HDBaseT output natively integrates with Key Digital’s KD-X100MRx black box HDBaseT Receiver or the KD-UPS52U Presentation Switcher, either of which will provide the switcher/extender Power over HDBaseT (PoH) – that means the only rear-panel connection required is a RJ45 jack paired with a single CAT5e/6 Ethernet cable for power, signals and IP control. The HDBaseT output can drive 100 meters of cable at full resolution.

It fits in a standard three-gang box for wall, podium or table-top AV box mounting. Inputs can be switched manually with front-panel buttons, and, with auto-sensing enabled, the KD-4x1WUTx will automatically switch to a newly connected source or away from a disconnected source.


It is not merely a switcher. The front panel additionally features USB host and device ports that are soft-codec-enabled to create a connectivity hub for USB cameras and mics, audio DSP and keyboard/mouse/touchscreen extension. Connected computers interface with extended devices by way of USB host and device ports on compatible receiver units or by way of device ports on the KD-UPS52U Presentation Switcher.

The KD-X4x1WUTx further simplifies system operation by including centralized control of displays and projectors – power, volume and muting – through the integration of CEC control (no additional wiring is required) and through the free KD App. The KD App will scan the network and auto-populate pre-built GUIs for connected device management – not just projectors and displays, but all KD App-ready Key Digital devices sharing the network. Complete configurations can be realized with no programming by way of the free Key Digital Management Software™ Pro app for Windows computers.


The KD-X4x1WUTx additionally handles a host of protocols and interfaces, including fully licensed HDCP 2.2, TMDS re-clocking and signal regeneration, EDID handshake and management, bi-directional RS-232 and TCP/IP control and IR remote sensing (including compatibility with third-party control systems from Compass Control® Pro, AMX®, Crestron®, KNX®, RTI®, Savant, URC®, etc. via Open API). Surround audio formats are supported with de-embedding of two-channel analog signals at the KD-X100MRx receiver.


The full family of Wall Plate Switchers includes additional models that feature identical video resolution capabilities but are configured for differing sets of input formats.

For installations where VGA and analog audio input is needed, the three-gang KD-X3x1WUTx offers HDMI, Display Port and VGA along with external audio inputs with added ARC/eARC audio return support. The KD-X3x1WUTx also features all of the control options found on the KD-X4x1WUTx. Additional wall-plate switcher/transmitter options are the KD-X2x1WVTx (HDMI plus VGA with analog audio inputs) and KD-X2x1WDTx (HDMI plus Display Port) two-gang box wall-plate switchers, with both units offering RS-232 control extension and IR remote sensing and HDBaseT extension up to 40 meters at full resolution.


The final wall-plate switcher in the family was developed to answer user requests for a single-gang box solution, particularly useful in installations where only a single-gang box is available in an existing infrastructure.


Key Digital’s KD-EXWPSTx offers HDMI and USB-C inputs, selected by push button, auto switching or USB. The KD-EXWPSTx integrates natively with, and is powered by, the separately-sold KD-EX18GRx receiver (additional compatible receivers are in development). The switcher/transmitter provides signal extension beyond 35 meters at 18G, along with a pass-thru mode for uncompressed 10.2 Gbps signal extension, using Key Digital’s proprietary UHDoTP (Ultra High Definition over Twisted Pair) protocol.

The KD-EXWPSTx video resolution and system control feature set is similar to the rest of the Key Digital family of wall-plate/desktop switcher/transmitters, including control via TCP/IP, bi-directional RS-232, IR, USB and Key Digital’s Management Pro software, along with HDCP 2.2, HDR10, and EDID management compatibility and capability, with support for DTS and Dolby surround audio up to and including 6.1 streams. The KD-EXWPSTx adds 4K to 1080p down conversion to the switcher family’s Ultra HD/4K video capabilities.

KD X4x1WUTx 1 HI

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