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When it comes to mounting a dvLED display to a wall, Daktronics has just made it quicker and easier for integrators.

The company has innovated a speed frame wall mounting technique to install dvLED displays up to four times faster than previous techniques and display generations.

“As we look to innovate and advance our LED solutions, we’re also continuously engineering these solutions to be more friendly to handle and install,” said Adam Gilliland, Daktronics product manager. “For our dvLED product line, we’ve continued with this same strategy to make installation quicker and easier than ever before. This helps maximize the uptime for our customers and minimizes the time of installation crews being on-site in their buildings and venues. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.”

To deliver efficiency in the installation of Daktronics NPN-6200 and 6400 series, the new process has made the following adjustments: removed backerboards to allow direct mounting to sheetrock or metal stud walls, saving time and money replaced shims with jacking bolts and z-adjustment capability to remove the need for shims, providing flexibility to accommodate uneven walls implemented multiple lightweight framing sections instead of individual tubes included frame cutouts that feature integrated cable management pass-through for power and signal cables.

Adding to the ease of installation, XYZ adjustability is built into the panel, module and Speed Frame for perfect mechanical alignment no matter the scale of the display. Configurable speed frame sizes aligning with the given display size reduce the install time and integrated cable management simplifies the planning for power and signal locations at the wall.


“We’ve really looked at every angle and incorporated feedback we’ve been hearing from those doing the actual installation of our dvLED products to make this new process as easy and seamless as possible,” added Gilliland.

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