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The winners of the invidis Strategy Awards 2022 have been revealed at the Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS Europe).

Conference chairs Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker closed day one of the two-day conference with the announcement.


Following a tough couple of years for our industry, it’s been wonderful to see so many exciting initiatives in this year’s invidis Strategy Awards. We’re looking for organisations that demonstrate clear strategic thinking, execution, and transformational impact to drive our industry forward. If you want to know the future of digital signage? These are the companies to watch!, comments invidis consulting Director Florian Rotberg.


The invidis Strategy Awards celebrate excellence in the digital signage industry across six categories. The awards are open to all organisations, from established leaders to rising stars who are challenging the status quo.


DSS Europe Awards 4 HI

Strategy Awards Winners 2022

Shared Spaces – Admira IoT Gallery Barcelona

This unusual, dark store seamlessly orchestrates digital signage, scent, and sound for an immersive encounter. Carlos Silva, Founder and CEO of Admira, has built a hybrid concept store/museum/digital experience centre that includes real-time bidding. This store needs to be seen to be believed – digital experience at its best.DSS Europe Awards 2 HIGreen Signage – Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe

Leading the charge on reuse-refurbish-recycle initiatives, Sharp NEC is a truly deserving category winner. A trailblazer for refurbishing projector schemes, NEC initiated the first over ten years ago. Since then, NEC has set up a global service programme to offer on-site swaps, regardless of which country the product was originally sold. Even LCD-backlights and LEDs are repaired in Europe.DSS Europe Awards 8 HIBusiness Critical – Telelogos

Telelogos is a Premium SAP partner and has a twenty-year track record in managing IT-devices remotely. A combination of intelligent content and device management makes Telelogos our business-critical winner.

Digital Signage in manufacturing and logistics are indispensable touchpoints and communication channels for workers on site. With recent supply chain constraints manufacturing has had to become very agile. Production schedules change frequently so real-time information is business critical. As manufacturing and logistics use various backend-systems, a solid digital signage solution is necessary to combine and condense multiple streams of information onto one dashboard.DSS Europe Awards 7 HIInnovation – SignageOS

Prague-based start-up SignageOS developed a digital signage offering often referred to as the industry’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’. SignageOS connects over a hundred SoC Platforms with 50+ CMS solutions and enables network operators to monitor and remote-manage mixed digital signage networks. What started as a small venture in the Czech capital has grown to a striving business and the de-facto standard platform on both sides of the Atlantic.DSS Europe Awards 6 HIRising Star – Vertiseit

Vertiseit, and its CEO Johan Lind, has shaken up the digital signage industry. The small Swedish digital signage player acquired eight competitors including Grassfish and MultiQ and grew its ARR for 40 consecutive quarters.

Vertiseit did not accept established roles in the value chain but developed up and downstream,cherry-picking services with a relevant strategic lock-in. As one of a few publicly traded companies, Vertiseit managed to break through the 100m Euros market cap barrier. We expect more disruptive transactions in Europe and beyond from this rising star.DSS Europe Awards 3 HIIndustry Leadership – Samsung EDO

Samsung Electronics is a global market leader in the digital signage industry, continuously driving innovation, engineering, and new business models. Ten years ago, Samsung introduced a System-on Chip (SoC) platform and a dedicated operating system.

In 2018, Samsung launched The Wall and made MicroLED rollout-ready for digital signage projects. But most notably Samsung has focused on simplifying digital signage, opening the market up to IT integrators and IT departments. It started with a remote control, an attractive user-friendly GUI, and smartphone-based calibration, and goes all the way to the latest easy to install The Wall Micro LED solutions.DSS Europe Awards 5 HI

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