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Their partnership enables Vestel System-on-Chip (SoC) displays to improve digital communications.

Vestel, as a certified Telelogos partner, can now simplify content management, accelerate deployment and boost the display performance with Telelogos-powered signage displays.


This seamless integration with Telelogos Media4Display – a special solution that natively integrates with device management software, ensures transformative support for the Vestel Entry+, Prime+ and Extreme+ Series.


Encompassing a variety of 32-inch – 98-inch screen sizes, the compatible ranges can be used in most verticals, covering multiple market requirements.

Of the partnership, Barış Ökesli, Vestel Deputy General Manager of Product Management, commented:


The impact of this integration is far-reaching, making it easier for customers to scale up projects quickly, securely and cost-efficiently, without the need for investment in any additional hardware, or software. From set up and installation right the way through to content distribution, screen management and performance, Telelogos-powered Vestel SoC displays can offer much more support, improving digital communications outcomes, as well as the overall end user experience.


Christophe Billaud, Telelogos Managing Director, said: “Telelogos is proud to have added the new range of Vestel SoC displays as a certified choice for our integrator partners and clients. As we’re constantly supporting our partners and customers in all business sectors, and across digital signage projects of various sizes, it’s always a priority for us to be able to advise them concerning their choice of hardware, offering them a large range of options for their projects"


We’ve worked hand in hand with Vestel to optimise our digital signage and also our device management software solutions to ensure seamless integration, thus providing the maximum in terms of features and functions from both the hardware and the software on board the SoC displays.


Simplified set up and deployment

Whether for large-scale roll-outs in multi-national organisations, franchises or schools, the integration saves time, money and resource, allowing for remote device management, and content management of Vestel SoC displays.

Reducing the risk of human error, and associated cost-and time implications, the Telelogos-powered Vestel screens are easy to pre-configure automatically online, and then send out with enforced management to ensure a consistent plug and play user experience, straight out of the box.


Back-office integration and management

From the Telelogos content management platform, I.T administrative teams are able to integrate back-office systems, as well as install corporate-owned web applications to provide, organisation-wide, uniform, real-time access to all the data that matters.

For industry applications, such as café and bar chains, pricing can be extracted directly from back-office systems to display on-screen, updating in real-time whenever there is a price change.

In addition to this, the remote management of display settings, such as screen brightness and volume makes it easy to optimise performance for specific on-site environments.

To maximise the return on investment, the integrated display solution ensures that both the user experience and display performance can also be improved continuously, with the help of everything from remote diagnostics to playback analytics reports.


High-impact marketing and information campaigns

Together with Telelogos, Vestel SoC displays can deliver powerful marketing and information campaigns. High-impact multimedia assets are easy to upload, schedule and distribute to specific screens, or network-wide, either on-site or remotely from any location.


Immersive viewing

Additionally, with support for ultra-crisp 4K HDR video and 500 and 700-nit brightness, Vestel SoC display ranges can also offer ultra-engaging and immersive viewing with high haze panels in a wide range of screen sizes.


Experiential retail

For next-generation experiential retail, that can provide more targeted, and personalised in-store shopping experiences, Telelogos APIs and Vestel displays work together to deliver relevant event-triggered content.

Web triggers can be developed to launch customised content to the screens any time a particular customer interaction takes place, or whenever there is a weather change.


Ultra-convenient enterprise-grade support

To further facilitate the running of large-scale networks, the Vestel SoC screens themselves are designed with enterprise-grade support, coming with 24/7 and 16/7 operation, as well as features, such as IP5X certification for dust-protection and support for 30 degrees of tilt.

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