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Digital signage drives retail sales. Effective augmented reality solution and a digital advertisement.

Augmented reality is helping retailers regain the attention of increasingly distracted shoppers by offering them a truly unique experience.


Many of those shoppers pay less attention to regular digital signage because they've become so accustomed to seeing it when they're out and about. Now, by adding superimposed computer-generated images to real-time video, augmented reality delivers a new dimension to reignite their interest.


For forward-thinking retailers, the good news is that they can still catch the first-mover advantage because AR and new digital advertisement on shelves are just starting to catch on for retail digital signage.

To capitalize on this potential and implement an effective augmented reality solution and a digital advertisement on shelves, retailers need a system that is compact enough for space-limited commercial spaces, but with a powerful CPU that can deliver the performance needed for intensive AR workloads and various display output ports for multiple digital signage panels on shelves.Liva z3 3 HIThe LIVA Z3 Plus Mini PC is ideal for the new way of digital signage applications. It's a compact-sized mini PC small enough to be comfortably tucked out of sight and sports an Intel® 10th Gen Core™ processor that delivers the required performance.


The LIVA Z3 Plus comfortably captures video input through a high-resolution camera connected to a high-speed USB 3.2 port, augments the image, then displays the results on a screen up to 4K through HDMI 2.0 video outputs.


For the digital shelves, LIVA Z3 Plus equips HDMI and mini DP ports for dual display to broadcast the advertisement on two digital signage panels simultaneously.

Where LIVA PC can deliver the benefit to you

  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Edge computing
  • Video conference
  • Industrial automation


Liva z3 2 HI

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